6 Best Tips to Achieve Beautiful Eyelashes

Eyelashes are the frame for the eye. Although many people admire your eyes, most of them do not notice that you have eyelashes.

Each day you put on mascara to make your eyelashes stand out from your face, but it is very cumbersome to do this all the time. You can use the best lashes for sensitive eyes instead of mascara, or try these tips to have longer and thicker eyelashes.

Let’s have the lowdown on some tips you might haven’t heard from any eyelash expert.

  1. Avoid cheaper drugstore curlers

Eyelash curlers come in various shapes and sizes, some with rubber padding on the edges for comfort, others with ergonomic grips. A good eyelash curler is expensive, but it’s an investment. You should also know must haves for classic lashing. Beauty experts agree that you should skip the cheaper drugstore curlers and go straight for CVS or Sephora.

If you are like most people, you have mascara on right now. Not only do you have mascara on, but your eyelashes are coated with the gooey and gritty stuff. Curling has several perks. The two most obvious ones are that it helps get eyelashes to their desired length and opens them up for mascara. It does take a few seconds longer but isn’t it worth it?

  1. Wear the fake ones occasionally

Wearing fake eyelashes may seem like something only beauty queens and drag queens have done. It’s realistic, though, to think you can wear them on special occasions. But only in some cases.

  1. Avoid waterproof mascara

Do not wear waterproof mascara daily!

Waterproof mascara is harmful because it contains a solvent that dissolves in contact with water. This solvent sticks the lashes together, weighing them down and making them very brittle.

If you feel like you’re getting bad results from your regular mascara, try washing your face with an oil-based cleanser before applying the mascara to eliminate extra powder or dry skin.

  1. Curl before applying mascara

You need a lash curler and mascara like this one! My lashes are short to medium length, and I prefer to curl them before applying mascara.

Curling your lashes first helps your mascara go on smoother and makes it look better all day. This curler is the best tool for your scenario.

It removes some of the guesswork by curling nice and close to the base of your lashes. It also has a snug fit in-between, which ensures it won’t crimp your lashes while you’re curling them.

  1. Use the best toner and eye makeup

Use eye makeup remover whenever you wear eye makeup. This will help keep your skin clean and prevent breakouts. Stay hydrated by drinking water throughout the day.

Drinking water will help with your skincare and give you an added boost of energy.

Always keep toner around because it helps with clearing excess dirt, impurities, and unwanted oil from using your cleanser.

  1. Don’t pluck them

Precisely plucking strays hairs from your lashes. Most women have some hair growing in the wrong place on lashes, and some are afraid of threading their brows to avoid skidding thread to their lashes. If you attempt to pluck or thread your brow yourself, you might end up with a scar or inflammation that will not only permanently damage brows but also affect your lashes’ aesthetics.

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