Plumbing Failures

6 Cases Of Severe Plumbing Failures You Could Avoid

Plumbing issues can leave you stuck in a smelly situation where the mess is too hard to handle and expensive to repair. Many common plumbing problems that homeowners face are a result of incorrect use and poor maintenance. Here I will give you 6 easy, inexpensive, and quick to implement hacks that can save you from having to call a plumber.

1. The Toilet Isn’t A Trash Can

When you throw random things down the toilet not only are you unnecessarily burdening the sewage system, but you are also putting your homes’ sewage system at risk of blockage. Things such as hair, dental floss, bits of plastic and packaging, and baby wipes aren’t easily broken down by the water. These things also tend to get caught on parts of the piping and can start to develop blockages in the pipeline as they accumulate. In severe cases, a pipeline could even end up bursting due to clogs. Always use the trash can for solid waste.

2. Check Old Piping

Water is a valuable resource that is growing exceedingly scarce over time. On average, we collectively waste over 900 billion gallons of water a year. One of the biggest reasons for this is having small leaks in household piping which can easily go unnoticed for months or even years on end. Pipelines should be at least checked once every six months for leaks, rust, and corrosion. This will save you money on your water bill and keep your walls, floors, and ceiling safe from water damage.

3. Evaluate Upgrades

Modern sanitary fittings and equipment such as pressurized car washers require water from a high-pressure water source. The easiest way to get these products to work properly is to install a pressure booster pump in your house’s water supply line. However, if you live in an older house with outdated piping, or if your piping was not designed to sustain high water pressure, this could result in major problems. Before you change anything in your home related to the heating, cooling, or plumbing, make sure you evaluate the existing system to ensure it can accommodate the upgrades.

4. Water Heater Maintenance

Many homeowners leave the water heater running all year round without realizing that hot water affects piping very differently than cold water. More than the piping, the water heater itself can be prone to leaks and faults; it is a piece of machinery you should always keep an eye on. Be sure to ask your plumber or the supplier you purchased your water heater from for water heater advice in terms of maintenance and proper usage. You can save a lot of money on electricity or gas bills if you manage your water heater’s performance properly and only use it when necessary.

5. Mesh Filters

Your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room are the main areas where small bits and pieces enter your water pipes and cause clogging. Mesh filters or fine drain covers are a quick and cheap solution to prevent this from happening. Lint from laundry lines, for example, is a big reason why drainage lines get blocked and the only way to prevent this is to use a fine-grade drain cover. If you have any other drains in the house, in the garage, or the driveway, for instance, be sure to cover these as well.

6. Use Garbage Disposal Sparingly

Garbage disposal solutions are very convenient but they are prone to many problems and can easily cause issues further down the drain. Greasy food, coffee beans, and fabrics can easily cause problems for both the grinder and the line as a whole. You can save yourself a lot of hassle by dumping out waste into your bin rather than relying on the garbage disposal unit. Moreover, open up the garbage disposal systems storage and clean it out regularly to avoid any build-ups. You can use food waste from the storage tank as compost. Using hot water and salt to clean out the garbage disposal system is very effective and easy to do; you can run hot water into it straight from the sink’s tap.

Problems with domestic plumbing usually develop over extended periods of time, but they don’t become noticeable till the whole thing turns into a full-blown breakdown. By keeping an eye on your plumbing you can take care of problems as soon as they start developing and save yourself the hassle of a full-blown breakdown. Be sure to consult with an expert before you make any major changes to ensure that the entire system can cope with the changes you are making.

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