6 Female Safety Tips for Staying Safe in The Street

All too often, females are assaulted on the street doing something as innocent as walking to the store. Even though we might like to believe that we’re safe in our neighborhood, the truth is that street crimes can and do happen.  Unfortunately, more often than not, they happen to females.

While you can’t ever completely guarantee your safety, there are ways to decrease your chances of something happening. Take a look at some of the best tips for women to stay safe while walking alone.

Create a Plan

It’s important that whenever you’re walking alone that you have a plan for what you will do if anything should happen. Whether you carry a handgun or pepper spray, it’s important that you have developed a strategy for protecting yourself. Having a plan of action avoids hesitation or stumbling in an emergency. Preparedness is one of the best weapons you have against an attacker.

Stay Aware

One of the leading causes of attacks against women is a lack of vigilance. If you’re walking by yourself, make sure that you’re aware of all of your surroundings. Don’t look down at your phone or become distracted by anything other than what’s around you. By staying hyper-aware of who and what is around you, you’ll be less likely to be taken by surprise.

Avoid Walking Alone

It’s not always possible to have someone with you when walking down the street; however, it’s preferable. If possible, always have a buddy walking with you when you can. If you have to get somewhere at night and have no one to walk with you, then consider taking a cab or Uber instead. Even though it may cost extra, it’s well worth it when you compare the price of being assaulted.

Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact is an assertive gesture that shows anyone passing by you that you mean business. Body language plays a huge role in how vulnerable you appear. By maintaining strong eye contact, you portray an unspoken strength and also the ability to identify your attacker should anyone come after you.

Wear Sensible Clothing

When walking in the street and no one else is around, you should be careful about what clothing you’re wearing. For example, wearing stiletto heels may not be the most sensible outfit for trying to escape a dangerous situation. Think ahead when dressing before a situation like this so that you know you could physically maneuver getting away if you had to.

Don’t Engage With Strangers

All too often, attackers appear to be nice-looking people. However, many attacks are pre-calculated and therefore, you may not even see them coming. If a stranger tries to talk to you or get you to come near them, don’t trust them, and keep moving.

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