Are You An Alcoholic: 10 Signs You Need To Be Aware Of


Are you in a jovial mode?


Then you must be a little fatigued…

Are you extremely burdened and feeling pangs of anxiety? – I know in all the cases you would be ending up with a little bit of Alcohol.

This “Little” bit of alcohol, I tell you, is like the ancient Opium that has the capacity to transport oneself from stressful conditions to a land of eternal bliss. But your rude Parents and GirlFriend are always annoyed with you!

My friend, try to understand that you might not be drinking a little Alcohol. Your perception of little might be different from that of your parents as well as your Girlfriend..isn’t it?

I will discuss, (if you could relate) ten signs that will make you understand or make aware that you are alcoholic or not. You could tally it yourself or with your friends. If you need to know more about Alcoholism, just pop over to these guys.

Facts And Statistics based On Alcoholism

Before initiating our discussion let me provide you with some interesting statistical points that will establish the predominance of  Alcoholism.

  1. According to a study conducted by  National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), in the year 2018, it was found out that 86.3  % of the 18 aged guys have tasted Alcohol at some point in time.
  2. The percentage value if disclosed in numbers shows extremely concerning figures. The percentage of 18+ people who have tasted alcohol is a whopping 14.4 million according to the NSDUH statistics.
  3. More astounding figures that come up with us here in this report, a massive massive 401,000 adolescents of age group between 12 to 17 have taken alcohol. The number of females is 227000, much bigger than 173000 males.

You could easily perceive the prevalence of Alcohol consumption from this study. Now let’s check out some more statistics on Death in America due to excessive consumption of Alcohol.

According to an estimation around 85000 people have been reported to have been dead and this accounts for the third widest cause of death in the USA.

It could be easily discerned that the impact is huge compared to what is perceived through the figures.

This is because if one person faces alcoholism or dies due to alcoholism, the entire family has to suffer. This becomes more drastic if the person is the earning member of the family.

Now I hope you are keeping all this in mind to decide on whether you are at all alcoholic or not. I simply leave for you to think.

The 10 Signs That You Are Alcoholic !!

Now let me get into the ten signs that would tell if an individual is alcoholic or not.  Yes, it is understood that an individual temperament and emotions do not remain the same.

This is the very reason we are not some well-programmed samurai but  human beings. It could be understood that we all have our own world in which to trudge in and we need to be our own decision-makers. But we also need to live for others.

Here I put in the 10 signs to vindicate my observation on, one is really intoxicated and dipped oneself in Alcoholism or not.

1: Drinking To Relax

When asked why one is drinking if there is no such work or no work pressure. That Girlfriend is intact (kidding) and everything in life is full of fun and joy.

The answer that would come out from a giggling face…. he is drinking it for fun in his pastime.

This denotes, one has acquired a self-license to drink in any mood or in any circumstances come what may !! This is life and one has the democratic right of chilling.

2: Blacking Out At Regular Intervals

Suppose, you drink quite a lot and you recognize and acknowledge that you have drunk too much. But the problem is that when you wake up every time, you tend to have forgotten what has happened last.

Now it is yourself to judge if you are over drinking or not. You are sensible enough to understand yourself.

3: Drinking In Troubled Situation

You are there in an emergency and you need to make haste. To get out of the troubling situation you are getting on with drinking. What kind of a lame excuse is this you tell ??

4: Unable To Stop When A Person Starts

It is a reported fact that when a person drinks it can not resist its level of drinking. He forgets all self-restraint and gets swayed in the flow. The person would surely end up over-drinking that’s for sure.

5: Extreme Mood Swing and Irritability

You nudge your hand towards the bottle when you are going through some sort of mood swing. I know you don’t mind doing it huh ??

6: Drinking In The Morning

It is a problem with some people, especially the youth, that they drink Alcohol as soon as they wake up. This then becomes extremely difficult to handle for good.

There are the major ones. Other than this, there are minor signs of oneself completely dipped in intoxication.

7. Making Alcohol Priority Over Responsibilities

One finds oneself making alcohol over everything else in life. This would make the individual shun all other responsibilities.

8. Continuing Drinking Even When It Causes Psychological Turmoil

An individual who is all for drinking has already succumbed to the responsibilities. Nothing really raises your conscience. This is what severe intoxication could do… making you helpless.

9. Experiencing withdrawal

An individual is now trying to get away from the menaces of overdrinking. It is experiencing withdrawal from worldly responsibilities. The person tends to find an escape route. This is called alienation.

10. Trying Utmost To Quit But In Vain

Now that you have decided that you will get yourself away from Alcoholism. Somehow your heart is not complimenting your Intellect. Getting away is difficult indeed!

What Problems One Faces In Society With Alcoholism?

If someone is dipped in alcoholism then the person is sure to face dire consequences in society.

In the USA culture there is no chance of getting chided on account of drinking. Any individual could resort to his or her wishes in this very democratic life. From that aspect, life, according to the person, is bright enough.

But beneath the lamp is the accumulative darkness. The person might sway into the dark land of alienation and nonparticipation.

Moreover, the person in utter intoxication might have persecuted members of the family. The person might even end up dying. This is a sense of immorality, negligence and to be precise, it would be utterly suicidal, to say the least.


It could therefore be concluded by saying that consuming Alcohol is not good for health and it could be written in an edifice that Alcohol does no good to humanity.

Therefore one thing that a person needs to be very thoughtful and contemplative regarding developments in life.

Even when the person has put a hand up to destiny, there might be some flicker of good self that might usher in the dawn of sensibility upon himself. This is the crux of life.

So, try to abstain from over drinking if you think you are guilty.

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