Changi Jewel attractions

6 Top Changi Jewel Attractions You Must See

Singapore is the first choice travel destination for most people. It boasts a multicultural heritage, vibrant neighborhoods, bustling streets, and plenty of adventurous and fun attractions. One popular destination in Singapore is the Jewel Changi, that’s hosted by the Changi Airport. There are many Changi Jewel attractions where you can have a good time, delectable dining, a great shopping experience, and other recreational activities you’ve been longing for. Below are some top Changi Jewel attractions you shouldn’t miss out on your next visit to Singapore:

  1. Shiseido Forest Valley

If you think you’ve seen all the fascinating and futuristic things in all destinations you’ve been to, you’re probably wrong. Shiseido Forest Valley, hosted by the Jewel Changi Airport, is a top greenery haven where you’ll get a completely different life experience. You’ll get to see sweet verdant foliage, amazing tree collections and listen to some soothing music. The Shiseido Forest Valley hosts more than 900 tree species and over 60,000 different shrub species. Each of these trees and shrubs has bright lights.

  1. Canopy Park

This is a popular Changi Jewel attraction, with a huge space to unwind. It’s approximately 14,000 Sq ft. that offers walking trails, interactive attractions, and well-maintained gardens. If you book an entry ticket, you’ll be permitted to visit the Petal Garden, Foggy Bowls, and Topiary Walk. Canopy Park offers exciting experiences for adults and kids. Therefore, when booking a ticket, be sure to get the best fun engagement.

  1. Topiary Walk

It’s located at the extreme glass roof and has a creative and amazing landscaping design to make all passers-by delighted. The Topiary Walk has a wide variety of beautiful plants and animals that you can watch as you pass and even take some pictures with your camera.

  1. Manulife Sky Nets

Your children won’t enjoy their stay in Singapore if you fail to take them to Manulife SkyNets which is a famous Changi Jewel attraction. In fact, a single visit to Manulife  will make you feel that it’s the best destination to go to every time you think of a holiday. It features a net suspended 25 meters high from the ground from where you can get a clear and fascinating view of the most popular Singapore’s Complex and gardens. The Manulife Sky Nets also offer some indoor adventures, including bouncing or walking along while viewing the Rain Vortex, the largest indoor waterfall across the globe.

  1. Discovery Slides

The Discovery Slides form a great place where you and your family can relax and pass time. It boasts of its unconventional architecture with cut-outs that give a clear view of gemstone interior parts. You can engage in many activities on the Discovery Slides, including rope climbs, slides, and deck viewing.

  1. Canopy Bridge

It’s located close to Canopy Park. The Canopy Bridge has amazing floors made of glass to provide a clear view of every part within Jewel Changi. Most people who just want to relax and rejuvenate themselves can stop at the Canopy Bridge.

These are some top Changi Jewel attractions you must see. You should also visit the Changi Experience Studio, Rain Vortex, and Hedge Maze.

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