Vegetables in Hydroponic Garden

Top Reasons Why You Should Grow Vegetables in Hydroponic Garden

Do you love growing vegetables? Want to know the benefits of the hydroponic garden before investing in Hydroponics equipment? Your search ends here! Get to know everything about Hydroponic Garden and how vegetables can grow healthy in it!

Firstly, let’s have a brief idea about the term Hydroponics.

What is Hydroponics?

It is a method of growing plants without using the soil or without the limitations of any space or climatic conditions. In the conventional farming system, the plants’ growing mainly depends on the soil to get the necessary nutrients required for the growth.

On the contrary, a hydroponic garden makes all the necessary nutrients available without the sunlight, soil, and extra efforts, leading to maximum yield.

How is hydroponics different from Soil-based Farming?

In traditional soil-based farming, the nutrients combine with the soil particles. The roots extend to various particles to obtain food under the best conditions, and uptake becomes highly possible by the plants only in conducive environments. In a hydroponic garden, plants receive nutrition from the most nutrient-dense solution.

So, Hydroponicsm allows the plants to directly absorb the nutrients and the benefits of the water-based and nutrient delivery systems. The entire solution is further absorbed by the plant’s roots, thereby making it extremely easy for the plant to use what it requires and grow well.

Importance of the Growing Medium

In the hydroponics process, instead of the soil medium, plants grow in a soilless medium. Here the growing medium used helps to provide a sort of anchorage or the substrate for the roots. Here the Rockwool is preferred, a non-reactive technique that helps support the plants throughout the growth without affecting or bringing changes in the growing environment.

Managed Environment Used

The hydroponic technique is mainly practiced in the most controlled environment to cultivate the crops as the system offers many advantages. The additional benefits of controlling and managing the pH, cO2, heat, air movement, nutrients supply, water requirements, temperature, and the grow room lights scheme help the farmers boost crop production.

It isn’t easy to handle such situations in conventional farming. However, in most cases, one can achieve a controlled environment by using hydroponic garden systems, which allows the farmers to grow plants more efficiently.

Now let’s understand that how Hydroponics can be advantageous for the productivity of your garden or farm:

Hydroponics helps in saving water

The efficiency of a hydroponic system can help in saving water up to 90 %. You can install a system where source water is not suitable for growing crops or if there is a limited supply of water for general farming. But with hydroponics, there is an added benefit in which a limited water source is required with greater plant yield.

It enhances a micro-climate

The hydroponic system also helps control the growing climate, as you can control temperature, light, humidity, CO2, and air by the requirement of the plants. Therefore, you can concentrate nutrients as per the needs of the variable vegetables for maximum yield. In addition, the usage of the LED grow lights also helps in the enhanced yield.

An adequate supply of the nutrients

In the process of the hydroponic system, the supply of the nutrients is done accurately. Like conventional farming, plants don’t have to develop their roots systems to search for adequate nutrients. But the focus is on developing the vegetative growth and growing faster and with greater yields.

The nutrients are adequately supplied into the water supply reservoir and circulated, allowing the plants to intake the best. Thus, as the plants have an efficient supply of nutrients and adequate water absorption, the hydroponic system is much better than traditional farming, and one should practice it!


Thus, the hydroponic system is far much better as compared to the conventional techniques of farming. For a better plant yield and minimal usage of the resources, it is the best deal to grow vegetables in a hydroponic garden.

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