Truck Accident in Portland

7 Important Things to Do When You Meet a Truck Accident in Portland

The commercial trucks on the highways of Portland can result in major accidents. Nowadays, commercial trucks have become a necessary means to transport the products of daily life in any country. Unfortunately, with the increase in the number of big and semi-trucks on the roads, accidents have also increased.

A minor fender bender can result in significant accidents when it happens between big and semi-trucks.And in most situations, it can be deadly to a small car. Each year about 500000 trucks get involved in minor to major accidents alone in the United States. With the sheer size of these vehicles, accidents are rising rapidly with huge damage to people and their cars.

It is necessary to know what to do after a semi-truck or truck accident to save lives and time. Following are the seven most important steps in case of a truck accident:

  1. Immediately Stop and Report the Accident:

Whoever is involved in the accident must stay at the place of the accident until the investigating authorities arrive. One should make sure that persons involved in an accident are safe. Hazards should be turned on immediately as other coming traffic can see them and avoid hitting. In case of any injury, 911 should be called for immediate help. One should also be aware of good Law firms which deal primarily with car accidents, like Portland auto accident lawyers.

  1. Take as Many Photos as You Can:

In case of an accident, take as many photographs as one can for the record. And obviously, one should take photos when they are not seriously hurt; this record of photos will help in future suit filing. Photos can also review how bad the accident and pulling any details from the accident is accessible from photos. Taking notes with pictures is also a good act to save the details of an accident.

  1. One Should Identify and Involve Other Parties:

After an accident, one should try to collect as much information as possible from other parties and witnesses. It doesn’t matter that it’s your fault or truck drivers; one should gather all the information.

  1. Try to Exchange Details:

Both parties in the accident should exchange every minor to major detail with each other, including truck company, license no, name of the driver, and the information about the insurance company.

  1. Medical Treatment Should Be Considered:

After the authorities arrive, make sure to seek the required medical treatment. If you or the person involved in the accident is not in the right state of mind, wait until the statement can be recorded.

  1. One Should Know What They are Speaking:

At the accident scene, one should be aware of what they are speaking because whatever they are saying can be used against them by the opposite party. If someone is uncomfortable talking to the authorities, then they should talk to their attorneys first.

  1. Call Your Attorney

If you are directly involved in a truck accident, a Portland auto accident lawyer can be of great help. You might not be aware of all your rights and that is why they will ensure that you are not violated by any of them.

The first and foremost thing to consider is that you are in the right state of mind and do not require any medical attention; everything else can wait.

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