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6 Ways To Add Crystal Energy To Your Wedding To Add More Love And Light

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. It’s a day of light and love, and that is the energy you want to be surrounded with.

But low and behold, there can be many things not under your control in a wedding the latecomers, the weather, the guests or even worse any cancellations.

Not to forget the constant stressing about whether everything is going right with the wedding planners and not to forget – the last-minute jitters.

What you need is positive and calming vibes; in short, you need crystal energy.

Well, there is science behind it. Crystals emit higher energy, and if they sense that you have lower energy, it encourages your body to match its higher frequency!

There are many ways you can use crystals on your wedding day; let’s discuss some of them below.

Use A Crystal Bouquet

If you are on the fence about what kind of bouquet to choose for your wedding day, take a break and look no further than wedding crystal bouquets! These unique bouquets look amazing in photographs and make your special moment even more memorable.

While fresh flowers wilt in no time, these stunning crystallized flower bouquets will last for years to come. They also serve as unique home décor when placed in a vase or displayed in your living space, reminding you of this beautiful moment you’ll always cherish.

Crystals For Bridesmaid

Every wedding has some tradition where the bride tosses a flower bouquet, and whichever bridesmaid catches it is the one to find love or get married next.

Your wedding is more special than most, though, so why not change things up by getting each bridesmaid a token of your love?

Rose quartz crystals help promote loving relationships, especially when they are worn close to the body as part of jewelry. Get them each a crystal ring and see how it sends out positive energy that can potentially enhance their romantic experiences!

Wear Crystal Jewelry

Brides love shiny things like diamonds, but crystals aren’t any less brilliant. Crystals can help you in several ways. For example, if you feel a sudden onset of anxiety each time you think about walking down the aisle, consider wearing an onyx crystal ring to help combat that anxiety.

Similarly, as your “something blue,” try wearing a celestine crystal. Not only is it a unique idea it also helps keep you calm.

A Pre- Reception Intention Crystal

While traditionally the bride and groom cannot see each other before the wedding, you can see each other usually before the reception.

When you see your partner, hold the crystal in your palms and communicate your intention to it. Tell each other your unique vows and set up your intentions.

You can keep your crystal at home as a reminder of this unique time alone with your partner on the big wedding day and strive towards a bright and better future.

Crystal For Gratitute

As a token of your gratitude for those who attended, consider giving crystals as souvenirs instead of usual gifts. Your guests will love them!

Pack small goodie bags with crystals and maybe some sage and send them home with a burst of positive energy.

You can also write thank you notes and place a small crystal tumble on it. Crystals will show your gratitude, and it’s a way of saying thanks in a special way.

Get Crystal Wedding Decor Accessories

If you have an outdoor wedding, it means you have no hold over nature. Any time wind comes to the napkin, the name cards, everything goes flying away.

But a fun way to add practicality and beautify the space is asking crystal tumbles as paper weighers! Brilliant, isn’t it?


The options for using crystals are endless, right from incorporating it in your dress or even as cake decoration. You will notice how big of a difference crystals make to your wedding day right from the get-go. All the best for the big day!

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