Web Design Ideas to Help Convert More Leads

6 Web Design Ideas to Help Convert More Leads

Have you ever thought about why your website isn’t getting a lot of visitors, or why they aren’t turning into leads that can supply you with a stream of income for them to use your products? It may come down to the design of your website and how easily they can access everything you have to offer.

Web design is a big part of the image of your site and is what makes it different from the millions that are out there. Due to this, many web design agencies are constantly looking for work to improve and craft a website for a fee. While they may be costly, they are professions at improving a website and bringing you the most visitors.

There are many ways you can improve your site to convert visitors into leads, and here are 6 great ideas on how to do just that.

Create a (free) Welcoming Product

When you’re a new company that many people haven’t learned about or know what you do, they may be skeptical at first to fully invest themselves into a product without knowing what you are capable of. To solve this, you could invest in a short free product that displays information or what you do with your company.

These small products could be something simple like an E-Book, or a free trial product, or anything that will catch the eye of the visitor and turn them into a potential customer. Now, you don’t want to give them everything you are capable of, because then they have no reason to pay you when they could get the product for free.

But, you would want to give them a taste or some type of vision to clearly state what you do and what you can achieve, or why they should invest in your product.

Design a Great Home Page

The home page is where every visitor is sent when they first reach your site through a third party or a search engine. Due to this, the home page can be what makes or breaks turning visitors into consistent consumers. A home page should be welcoming, straight to the point, and easy to navigate.

To create a great home page, you would want to ensure that the navigation bar or area is clear and visible, with easy access. Then you would want to make sure you have a clear, short, to the point description about what you offer or do, and why visitors should come back to your services. Finally, you should try to arrange a Call-To-Action (CTA) so your visitors know what to do after reading.

This allows you to let visitors easily move around your site, visit your works or products, understand what you are about, feel welcome, and then continue with your product if they wish to.

Look into Web Design Agencies for Assistance

Coming up with the design for your website and making sure everything is correct or unique can be a daunting task. For one, you may have a website maker like Wix or WordPress, but you want to target more of the visuals or change some things about the website. This often requires knowledge of coding or installing extra extensions that may cost more money.

Rather than trying to learn how to do it all yourself or focus yourself on the web design rather than the product for the members, you could invest in a web design agency like web design to help you create a beautiful web page for a fee. While it may be costly, these experts will be able to take that load off of you to create what you want and how you want it with their advice from experience.

Ensure Content is Engaging and Easy to Find

The last thing you want is for your potential customers to come to your site to try and find content or products which they can’t find. This is often due to navigation being misleading, or not linked properly, or that it just may take too long to get through where the actual content is.

You want your visitors to find your content easily, and ensure it is engaging for them to continue to view or want to come back. How to make engaging content? Try to make sure it is unique and not copied from others, including some Call-To-Actions to get the ball rolling with movement to another area of content or your services, and ensure the content is top quality and not just rambling on about randomness.

Making the content easy to find comes with uniqueness and navigation. The more unique the content with the more SEO keywords, the more likely your content will appear along with others. And the easy to navigate your site the faster your visitors can find content and then turn into consistent customers.

Stay Consistent with Your Brand

Speaking of consistency, it’s important to try and make sure your voice, image, and idea you are portraying stay the same through every post of content. This is because what you say and do is your brand and your idea. It’s important to have a clear brand that everyone can follow and understand, but it’s more important that your posts and statements match up with that brand.

If you become a hypocrite and state that the brand is about assisting others to learn how to develop websites and learn code, but you’re there posting fitness-related content that has nothing to do with coding or websites, it may throw off a lot of people. That’s because your post has one statement while your brand is another.

People want a brand they can trust, that is consistent, and feeds them the content they are looking for, and isn’t looking to make a quick buck off of their interest. Yes, you may make money off of them by creating engaging content, but the goal should be to bring value to them so they can reward you with income.

Have Powerful Call-To-Actions (CTA)

One of the most challenging things is to create a powerful Call-To-Action which instantly turns your visitors into consumers and customers. These CTAs don’t have to be extreme or life or death, but they should have a clear statement that the visitors know what’s going to happen when they click the button.

So say you’re selling a workout program, you could have the call to action right under your statement of exercise and health with something like, “Start the Change Today”. That gives it a nice statement which anyone would understand. Clicking that button will bring them to your products or services that can then be used for them to start a change and see the change that very day. Powerful and simple.

Turning Visitors into Customers through Web Design

The main point of any website is to get more and more visitors and turn them into recurring visitors mainly for the point to bring them more content or earn a type of income through the visitors. Some of these visitors may even be interested in turning into customers and purchasing your products to bring you some other form of revenue.

To create an awesome website it comes down to the web design of the said site and there are many different ideas to change or upgrade the design to turn visitors into customers and consumers. So next time you’re changing up your website, try implementing some powerful CTAs, give a free product for the visitors to test before they become members, or if you’re not sure about what to do, invest in an agency made for web design.

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