7 Amazing Hairstyles That go with Every Saree

We, like you, adore sarees.

And, while intending to flaunt a stunning drape, we confront the same issues. What hue, what sari, what blouse, what accessories, what event, etc. etc. – the list is long and complex — too many choices!

Most of the time, though, we overlook a key part of dressing up. Makeup is lovely, and baubles are ideal, but how would you handle the hair?

You’re one of the lucky ones if you have a stylish, short bob, but it’s not for everyone. We know you adore your tresses, so consider yourself fortunate; now you just need to be a little savvier.

Here are some elegant hairstyle on saree that women can opt from.

  1. Piled Over Bun

It’s super simple, but make sure it doesn’t appear too sloppy. Make this updo style bun by straightening your hair with a straightening iron. Keep bobby pins and invisible pins on hand. For a classic look, part your hair on the side and leave a few loose twirls. It takes a little practice, but it’s not difficult to master. To begin, enlist the assistance of a friend until you have it down pat. It has a fashionable and youthful appearance.

  1. Messy and Vintage Bun

For this hairstyle, curl your hair and grab a bodla or maang tika as well as a couple of pins. Start piling your hair after tying it low with an invisible band. To add volume to your bun, use clip-on hair or additional hair padding. Make a loose pile of curls on top and pin them loosely, leaving a few loose in the front.

  1. Beehive Style Bun

To obtain princess-style huge, diffused curls, wash and arrange your hair with big, round curlers. Along with ordinary bun pins and bobby pins, keep a new hairband type updo hair accessory, such as the one shown in the photo, on hand. This is a highly beautiful updo that may take a little effort to put together. It’s appropriate for cocktail gatherings and weddings alike. This will give you more height and looks great with dresses, gowns, and Indo-Western clothing.

  1. Crown Beehive Style

Half up and half loose hairstyle is a popular day-wear style for women with shoulder-length and long hair. It is adaptable, beautiful, and simple. Give a puff or beehive to the crown to add a sense of drama to your everyday hairdo. To obtain waves, wash, style, and blow-dry. Then backcomb some of the hair near the head. Cover with bobby pins and secure securely. This one looks great with workday sarees as well as lehenga cholis, especially when a maang tika or matha patti is worn. This stylish look may also be achieved with salwar suits and palazzos.

  1. Open Waves

Is there anything else we can say about this timeless style? Simply said, wavy, flowing hair is always in trend, whether it’s fashioned with a little mousse for body or a blow dryer and the magic of a round hairbrush. They suit women of all ages and events and are an excellent match for wedding sarees as well as regular-wear sarees during the summer. For an effortlessly stylish look, choose the trendiest ethnic sarees and mul sarees. It goes well with churidaar suits and other Indian cultural clothing.

PS: You can wear this hairstyle with lehenga as well.

  1. Fish Braid Hairstyle

The braid that every girl and woman remembers from their childhood is a beautiful trend for grown-ups as well – especially with sarees. The exquisite Khajoori Choti or fish braid for the upper crust is an endlessly evergreen style that is making a great comeback, even though it is a little time demanding. This one is ideal for summer and humid months, as you won’t have to worry about your hairdo falling out. It looks best on hair that is mid-length to long.

  1. Twisted French Bun

Every woman who wears sarees and pearls adores French Twists. Learn how to build a simple French twist bun and then experiment with this side-swept shape for a very regal look. Make a side part or a centre part in the front, and give the crown a small puff for more drama. Alternatively, opt for the front side waves, which are retro-inspired. This is a stunning hairstyle for women with long or mid-length hair.

These were some hairstyle with saree that makes a woman look just amazing!

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