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Just like Meister Eckhart rightly said, sometimes “and suddenly you just know … it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.” The luxury of having a fresh start is what some people yearn for.

According to data sourced from  British in Germany, in 2016, the German Statistical Office recorded about 107,000 registered Brits living in Germany. As expected, the figure should have increased since 2016. Since then, about 31,000 UK citizens have taken German citizenship.

While moving from the UK to Germany can be a wonderful choice, it is important you are equipped with the right information, requirements and budget necessary for a convenient and legal stay in Germany. Are you overwhelmed with the thought of packing all of your belongings to Germany? Do you know what it takes to move to Germany? Do you wish to relocate without having to stress yourself unnecessarily? You can contact us for more information on moving house in the UK to Germany.

Some reasons people move from the UK to Germany

  • One of the primary reasons is their comprehensive welfare system. The country has it’s welfare system enshrined in the law. Do you know that anyone who is unemployed is entitled to unemployment benefit and a taxpayer who lives with a child under 18 can get a child benefit? These and other numerous welfare packages are what one stands to enjoy.
  • The presence of good jobs and salaries is another pull factor.
  • German cities are clean and environmentally friendly.
  • They have a low rate of crime.
  • Another reason is their good and reliable public transport system
  • It has a lot of magnificent cultural attractions.
  • It’s also worthy to note the strong economic system in Germany.
  • Germany has a good and quality educational system, and most importantly, it is free.

How much does it cost to move from the UK to Germany?

Since 31st December 2020, moving house in the UK to Germany has not been as seamless and non-complicated as it used to be in previous years before Brexit happened.

You can move your house from the UK to Germany either through air freight or sea freight. It should be noted that air freight costs more. A 1 bedroom flat by air cost around £2,545- £2,813 while by sea, it cost £1,336- £1,477. A 3 bedroom house by sea is about £2,056- £2,272 and a 5 bedroom house is estimated to be £3,084 – £3,408.

The average cost of  moving house in the UK to Germany is estimated at £1,500. The price is determined by your house size, the size of the container, the distance to be travelled and your city of departure. For instance, from London to Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin cost around £2,028 (GBP).

The figures stated above are an estimate, the easiest way to get a comprehensive quote is by contacting us about moving house in the UK to Germany. Get a quote for your move today!


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