7 Client Gifts to Consider For Your Business

68% of consumers say their relationship with a business strengthened after receiving a gift from them.

Sending gifts or rewards to your customers shows your appreciation while promoting your brand. If you’re struggling with ideas for client gifts and looking for some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Your options will go from simple, but meaningful thank you notes to more specific gits to tailor what suits best your most loyal clients.

Here are the top seven gifts to consider.

1. A Subscription Gift

One of the best corporate gifts for clients is a subscription. Consider their hobbies to find the ultimate gift for them, such as a goodie box for their pet or a monthly promise of baked goods.

You could also gift your client a subscription to online classes. Far more effective than YouTube videos, these sessions are detailed so students can develop their cooking, photography, and even coding skills.

2. Leather Journal

Looking for corporate anniversary gifts for clients? Treat them to a handmade, leather journal.

Most businesspeople are avid note-takers so a journal helps them organize their ideas and to-do list. You can even find ones with a hand-stitched binding which, not only looks sleek but last a lifetime. If you can, ask the vendor to emboss your company’s name on the front so you stay at the top of the recipient’s mind.

You could also pair this with a swanky fountain. Mont Blanc, Waterman, and Faber Castell are all fantastic choices, so your client can scribble in style.

3. Donate to Their Favorite Charity

If you’re after personalized gifts for clients, then give back to their favorite charity or cause. Donate in the recipient’s name and explain what the money will achieve for a memorable gift. Plus, this touching gesture showcases your company’s values while honoring theirs.

Not sure which cause they’re passionate about? Then treat your client to a gig or an exciting sports event. It’s likely your client spends most of their time working, so treat them to a little R&R.

And if you’re working with a team, treat everyone to dinner or a round of mini-golf.

4. Kindle Filled With Ebooks

The best client gift for book-lovers is a Kindle loaded with ebooks.

This is especially useful for clients who constantly travel or have a long commute because they have their favorite novels with them at all times. But you mustn’t forget to give them a collection of industry-related books or a gift card so they can choose their titles.

Another fantastic gift is a coffee table book as it makes a statement and gives you a range of options.

Find one that relates to your client’s city, interests, or industry, so it acts like a conversation piece. And don’t forget to add your name with a personalized message so the recipient always remembers you.

5. Portable Phone Charger

If you’re stumped for client gift ideas, then spoil them with a portable phone charger. These are a go-to item as we’re becoming more reliant on our phones and dashing between points A to B.

And for clients who have multiple devices, gift them invisible under desk wireless charger to keep everything in one place. Usually, the wires from devices are threaded through the bottom, so your client’s desk isn’t covered in a mess of cords.

Techies will also appreciate a well-designed pair of headphones to help with their workflow. Or give them a pair of touch-screen-friendly winter gloves so they can stay connected in the colder months. A bonus is they’re affordable and come in a huge selection of styles.

6. A Terrarium Kit or Potted Plants

Low-maintenance plants make the perfect gifts for clients especially as they improve your mental well-being and productivity levels.

If you’re unsure about how big their homes are, treat your favorite customers to a terrarium kit as they’re easy to look after. Simply, water them once a week, to enjoy a range of plants. Plus, every time your client tends to their terrarium, they’re reminded of you.

Or, gift your client a low-maintenance potted plant. Pothos, a Chinese Money Plant, or a Peace Lily are fantastic for beginner plant parents while improving every room’s aesthetic.

Another way to show your appreciation is to send flowers. This is great because it doesn’t have to align with your brand, so the client can appreciate the wonderful visual spectacle of fresh flowers.

7. Throw a Party

You’re still brainstorming creative client gifts, but does throwing a bash better suit their personality?

Ease your clients to the idea by sending out invites via social media. Although this is more expensive than other options, your client will appreciate the effort and the promise of an unforgettable evening.

As you’re planning the event, consider what you want to achieve, whether it’s celebrating a milestone or saying thank you. Then, as a team, you can figure out the event budget, date, and line-up entertainment.

Or, if that’s too much effort, harness the power of a handwritten note. Invest in high-quality paper, pen a thoughtful message, and make sure it’s authentic, so the recipient knows how much you appreciate them.

These Are the Top Client Gifts

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now have inspiration for client gifts.

As you choose gifts, consider your client’s interests and industry for inspiration. Then, decide whether they’d love a subscription-based gift, a useful leather journal, and a cigar so they can fully unwind. Whichever you choose, attach a note to remind your client of your appreciation. Happy gifting!

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