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The age of the internet has completely reshaped the structure of how a company’s sales work. Even though the marketing campaign accounts for a huge factor in it, the input of the sales representatives cannot be ignored. Hence, many business companies are looking for ways to boost their sales department by increasing the efficiency of their sellers. An optimized sales department can help generate maximum revenues. For that purpose, sales enablement tools become almost a necessity for increasing the number of successful trade deals.

What is a Sales Enablement Software?

Sales enablement is a cross-functional discipline that aligns a company’s marketing and sales departments together. Studies have shown that the annual sales of businesses with well-aligned sales and marketing departments are significantly higher than those with substandard collaboration. Moreover, it also increases the employees’ efficiency in finding and communicating with the relevant customers that have the potential of becoming regular returning prospects.

In the environment of modern technology, sales enablement tools also become a motivational factor for the sales teams. When their interactions can be tracked and recorded, the repetition factor of such successful sales also increases. Whether it be the provision of the right training or the allocation and management of perfect resources, sales enablement software improves their overall performance. These tools are highly useful for having a more selective approach towards favorable trade deals.

With a wide variety of sales enablement software available at the market, it can become an exhausting task to choose which one would suit your business the best. Some of these are centralized towards targeting a specific need, while others offer a more general functionality. But look no further because, in this article, we have summarized the results for the top 3 sales enablement software, so that you can pick the most suitable tool for your business’s needs.


1.  Seismic

Seismic is a cloud-based sales enablement software that provides ease of content sharing on all devices via its mobile-friendly nature. It lets you create automatically personalized content with instructions and descriptions to let the buyers get accustomed to it easily through an enhanced experience.

Its machine learning algorithms and analytics reveal the most effective factors tied to the revenue, and thus, increase the ROI of sales. This means that seismic gives a thorough, strategic view of what works for your business and what needs to be changed. All the resources and content are managed via a centralized hub. It also ensures that your sales reps receive the necessary training tools to improve their effectiveness.

Large enterprises such as PayPal, American Express, and IBM use Seismic to increase the productivity of their sales by using Seismic.

However, Seismic is well known for its notoriously steep learning curve. Its pricing has also not been made public.

2.  Brainshark

Brainshark is another well-known sales enablement software, that has become a cornerstone for many businesses’ quick and dynamic content creation. It also allows for the content to be accessed from anywhere, being cloud-based. Its video coaching and practice feature makes sure that the sellers are always kept up to speed with the latest training techniques that will later become useful in their buyer interactions. Moreover, it creates visual scorecards that track sales performance trends in order to develop a pattern for the sales reps to follow so that they can close more deals.

Another great feature about Brainshark is the ease with which you can share content with prospects and buyers as well as other influencers that may provide an alternative perspective on the improvements that can be made to the sales training process. Its on-demand training feature makes it a great software for flexible environments. This is what makes Brainshark a viable choice for some top companies like Microsoft and Salesforce.

Regardless of its benefits, Brainshark has some serious drawbacks as well. Like Seismic, it also does not provide any public pricing information. The reporting feature could seriously be improved since it cannot be integrated with browsers. It also takes more than a month to be implemented.

3.  Content camel

Content Camel is an all-in-one tool that consists of everything that your sales reps need to improve their sales. Whether it be a centralized hub to manage everything from one spot or the organization of the marketing content through various filters – Content Camel provides it all. The hassle of keeping track of all the resources is also handled by this software, as it does all the mundane organizational tasks for us. This means that the sales teams can spend their time actually performing trade deals rather than wasting their time searching for files and tracking their own content.

The integration of Content Camel with Google Chrome and Drive is perhaps its strongest feature. The ease with which files can be made shareable into any platform is underrated. With help of its outstanding sales analytics feature, you can ensure that your sales team is up-to-date with its tasks.

Although Content Camel can be implemented within days, it lacks the portability to the mobile platform, unlike Seismic and Brainshark.

Our Recommendation – Content Camel

Each of the above-mentioned sales enablement software has its own costs and benefits. Seismic is the best for its mobile-friendly environment and machine learning algorithms for analytics. On the other hand, Brainshark is excellent when it comes to providing chargeability to third parties and the creation of personalized content.

However, the comprehensive design of Content Camel gets our vote of approval with its vast coverage of all the important features. It is the cheapest sales enablement software out of the three, and also provides a free trial! Other tools are mostly focused on large-scale businesses. Hence, Content Camel’s quick implementation makes it perfect for mid-sized organizations, which can benefit greatly from the high ROI for their revenues. Moreover, the filtering feature in the organization of content type can be very handy in closing short and quick sales deals.

The only downside to the usage of Content Camel is the unavailability of a mobile app. This, however, is more than compensated by the incredible integration with the browser feature of this tool.

Thus, Content Camel is our ultimate winner among the sales enablement software.

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