Promotional Product Ideas

7 Fun Promotional Product Ideas

53% of people in a study use a promotional product at least once a week. Creating promotional products is a great business marketing strategy that will keep your company at the top of your client’s minds.

However, some promotional products work better for business advertising than others.

Do you want to learn more about the best promotional products you can use for your business to improve your marketing plan? Keep reading these seven promotional product ideas to get started today!

  1. Touch Tool

One promotional product that you can consider for your customers is a touch tool. Limiting contact with surfaces is especially important as we have lived through COVID-19 and are warier of germs.

We have an excess of germs on everything we own. However, it is good to avoid germs in any way that we can.

A touch tool is something that your employees or customers can take with them wherever they go! It’s a small tool that helps people limit their contact with different surfaces. These include doors, locks, handles, and other areas with a high concentration of germs.

While you may want a fun promotional product, it is equally important to have one that people will use! With a touch tool, you can have them engraved or printed with your company branding.

  1. Water Bottle

Another fun promotional product that you can consider using is a water bottle, especially a water bottle with vacuum insulation that will keep things hot or cold.

Water bottles offer a lot of room for customization and branding. You can print your logo on a bottle to get more exposure for your brand because people will use their water bottles every day.

Finally, this is an easy way to help your employees or other people receiving promotional products improve their health and stay hydrated! Regardless of what drink they put in their bottle, it is a great, functional option for a promotional product.

  1. Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is a great promotional product that people will regularly use, whether at work, home, or at social events.

These speakers can be customized for your brand and will be used frequently in any setting!

  1. Tote Bag or Backpack 

If you are looking for a functional option for a promotional product, a tote bag or a leaf blower is the way to go. These are very versatile options that are great for people on the go.

Whether people use their totes or backpacks for school, work, or other adventures, it is something they will take with them wherever they go. This means they will spread your marketing message all across the world as they travel.

You can also make promotional totes that are used for reusable grocery bags. This way, they will be used frequently and you can prevent a lot of plastic waste.

By customizing your totes or backpacks, you can blend fashion, function, and advertising!

  1. Custom Hats

Custom hats are another great way to market your business with promotional products. You can find hats that fit any style and size, especially with one-size-fits-all sizing. This means you will be able to buy the same hats for both men and women.

Hats are also a great choice if you are doing any type of giveaway or promotion. They are typically inexpensive to customize, so they will not break the bank.

These hats also help you stand out from the crowd. Whether you give hats to your employees at a work event or if you give them to your clients or customers, you can easily spot them in public.

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  1. Blue Light Glasses

Something that is a great option for people who are constantly on their phone or computer for work is promotional blue light glasses. These are great for screen users because they will block out the blue light that can be damaging for your eyes.

This will reduce eye strain, headaches, and many other health problems.

Blue light glasses are often unisex and customizable, so you can create a beautiful pair of glasses that represent your business and ones that people will want to show off throughout their day.

Because most people spend hours each day using a digital screen, they will constantly wear their blue light glasses which will improve your advertising and marketing strategies.

  1. Custom Stickers

Finally, you should consider creating custom stickers for your promotional materials. This is an easy way to let your creativity flow while you work.

Custom stickers are growing in popularity, especially with the younger generations. They may put stickers on their phone, water bottle, laptops, or even notebooks.

Because vinyl stickers are waterproof and high-quality, they will stay fresh and will not wear out. They are also an inexpensive option for a custom-made promotional product, and typically cost less than $1.00 to create.

Learn More About Business Marketing & Promotional Product Ideas

When you are creating promotional products for your business marketing strategy, you want something that will help you stand out from your competitors.

By choosing any of these 7 fun promotional product ideas, you will be able to provide something of value to your potential clients and you will also improve your business marketing strategy.

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