7 Quick Gaming Apps to Give You A Fun Break in Office

The daily 9-5 routine at work is usually quite tiresome as well as monotonous. Being at the office doesn’t mean that you can’t have any sort of recreational activity at all. In fact, it’s hard to stick to the tough schedule and stay on top of your productivity game unless you get to have some brief bouts of fun and relaxation in between.

Breaks at work are a blessing, but it’s up to you how you utilize these work breaks. You can either just procrastinate, chat with colleagues, or play entertaining games to refresh your mind.

A study conducted in 2019 by Brigham Young University revealed that playing video games along with colleagues at work can increase a worker’s productivity by up to 20%. 

Hence, it is proved that all those quick gaming sessions during the time out are not only a lot of fun but actually beneficial for your performance at work!

Which Games Are Suitable to Play During Work?

A game that can be deemed suitable to play during work breaks should:

  • Be without sound effects; so that you can play it on mute.
  • Playable on your desktop as well as your phone.
  • Able to be played during brief intervals, which means that prolonged strategies are not needed.
  • Not require you to move around. Games like Pokemon Go may be a lot of fun, but not appropriate to play at work.

Here are the top recommended games which you can play during those short breaks at the office to have an enjoyable escapade.

Trivia Question and Answers- Quizzland

Check whether your general knowledge is up to the mark with this amazing quiz game app. Quizzland Trivia Question and Answers by the MnoGoApps is a fun IQ test where you need to answer general knowledge questions. It is different from usual GK tests as the questions are fun and unique.

This game will really put your brain to work by testing your knowledge in the fields of science, history, geography, and culture. The difficulty levels of the questions increase as you keep answering the questions correctly. To move forward in the game smoothly, you can avail the question hint options available.

You can also challenge your co-workers to let them experience this fun learning opportunity with you.


Colormania by the Unico Games is an amusing game. It will let you explore how well do you recognize popular logos from brands around the world. To put it in simple words, Colormania is a logo puzzle that tests your memory.

You need to guess the missing colors of popular brand logos. As you answer ten logos correctly, you will exceed the level and unlock further new logos. The game is relatively less challenging and easy to play, making it a perfect choice when you don’t feel like doing complicated brain work during the break. Besides Colormanis, you can also look for other easy and fun online games for a light, amusing playtime.


Some games need you to think logically in order to find the solutions. The benefits of such games are numerous as they sharpen one’s cognitive abilities in a fun way. Without getting bored, you can get a boost in your calculation and problem-solving skills, as well as critical thinking. Sudoku, the classic number puzzle game is among such games that provide a fun brain training exercise for you. As you can quietly play this game sitting in your office chair, it is appropriate to play it sometimes during lunch and coffee intervals.

Designed by the Guru Puzzle Game Studio, Sudoku will be a refreshing game that you can play according to the difficulty level that suits you. The good thing about this game is that if you aren’t able to finish it, it is saved so that you can continue playing it later.

Big Barn World

What can be more fun than having your own virtual farm, taking care of it, and keeping animals in it that you just love? Even better, you can have a fun chatting session with other individuals who love farming.

If you love farming games, you will surely get addicted to this one. Big Barn World, a social farming game, by air will give you positive vibes and a seamless experience like all those airG scam free apps. Explore your farming skills by playing the imaginative game with your friends+co-workers  during lunchtime.

Besides having a gala time with your friends at the Big Barn farming, you will get to learn many tips and tricks on farming from the experts on forums, walls, and the “Farmers Online Now” chatrooms available in the app.


An enhanced vocabulary gives you several advantages as a professional. It makes written and verbal communication effective and helps you speak confidently at meetings and seminars.

If you wish to equip your vocabulary with powerful words,try playing the famous crossword puzzle game like Guardian Quick Crosssword or Wordscapes whenever you get a quick break. You simply need to connect letters and find more words, but it is way more challenging than you can think. The brain triggering session will keep you at the edge of your seat until you complete a level.

This top-rated puzzle app is designed by PeopleFun and will definitely make you smarter if you play it regularly.

Kooapps Games brings you a highly interesting game that will keep you hooked during your spare time, Back when mobile phones came into being, we all used to play the ever-popular snake game where the snake gets bigger by eating the worm, and you must avoid its collision to keep scoring. is the same classic game but with new and advanced gameplay compatible with today’s gaming standards. With features like double player mode to play along with your friends and battles against other snakes, the game is highly addictive. You will have a delightful time playing this game to make your breaks entertaining.

 Skillz: Logic Brain Games

Games that use challenging interfaces to test your brain are the most appropriate to play during office breaks. To sharpen your memory, speed, and accuracy, you can opt to play Skillz, a logical brain game by App Holdings.

Each level in this multiplayer game will challenge your brain to the fullest to come up with the right answers, making it a perfect game to play along with your teammates. If you earn enough points, you can unlock further brain training games in the app. You will notice a sharp boost in your performance and productivity whenever you play this game even for a short time during work.

Final Word

We spent most of our lives working for a living. However, if you enjoy a bit every day by playing these fun games, it will be good for your mental well being, giving you an escape from the mundane work life.

The games we have suggested are not only top-rated and entertaining, many of them also give you an opportunity to learn something new and boost your brain’s capability every day. You can also recommend it to your co-workers and have a little challenge with them to see who scores higher. Just share this blog with them for a competitive team play in break time.

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