7 Things to Look for While Purchasing a New Honda

With 193,000 people residing in Newport News, it is considered one of the most populated cities in Virginia. It is home to a major shipbuilding center. Additionally, the convenient location and moderate cost of living have contributed to the annual population growth. The development of the region has also spurred the growth of car dealerships to meet the varying needs of people residing in the region. You can choose from a wide array of SUVs, trucks, cars, or vans when looking for a make like a new honda for sale in Newport News. However, it may be overwhelming for a first-time buyer to choose the right one. Following is some information that might help you with the purchase.


The median income of an individual in Newport News is 29,837 USD; hence, while making a substantial financial investment in a vehicle, durability is the primary concern. So, while going for any Honda car, you are assured of the vehicle’s performance and durability. You can find different vehicles in the Honda lineup that are fuel-efficient and long-lasting. In addition, you don’t have to fret over maintenance costs as it is lower than most other car brands.


It is obvious to expect good value for your hard-earned dollars when searching for a purchase like a new honda for sale in Newport News. You can get the latest models and features in Honda at affordable prices. The brand has offered Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on all trims. In addition, there are other advanced safety technologies offered by the brand, including Adaptive Cruise control, Collision Mitigation Braking System, Forward Collision Warning System, Blind Spot Display, and Lane Departure Warning System at a budgeted price. Moreover, you can also have an upscale experience at a budgeted price, thereby getting good value for your money.

Resale value

Since a car purchase is a huge decision, you may also be concerned about its resale value. So, you can stave off your worries as Honda has high resale value. It means you can have a good return on investment when you opt for a trade-in or selling. Hondas have a comparatively lower depreciation and good retained value. So, you need to be smart about the choice of car and the value it retains. Also, with durable mechanics and modern designs, Honda is not likely to be outdated anytime soon.


The people in Newport News are employed in different industries ranging from the sector to fishing and forestry. Hence, each individual requires a vehicle that meets the needs of their everyday life. Honda has a range of vehicles designed for every lifestyle. When hauling or towing is concerned, you can opt for the Ridgeline. If extra space is a requirement, you can choose from its collection of SUVs like the Pilot, Passport, HR-V, or the CR-V. The Odyssey minivan can be ideal for large families, while Fit and Civic are cost-effective options.

Fuel efficiency

The fuel economy numbers of Honda are pretty impressive. It has developed the technology named variable valve timing and lift electronic control to increase the efficiency of the four-stroke internal combustion engines. It improves fuel economy at low RPM and gives high performance. The hybrid vehicles are equipped with the Atkinson cycle, which increases the expansion ratio on the power stroke and boosts fuel efficiency. Sedans like Clarity or Insight have three or two motor drivetrains which give excellent fuel economy.

Safety Standards

A Honda is renowned for its safety standards as it develops the most reliable and safest cars. The cars have driver-assist and active safety features, part of the Honda Sensing Technology. In addition, Honda’s Advanced Compatibility Engineering is another factor attributed to its high safety standard. It is an exclusive body design that mitigates the impact of a frontal collision by using the network of front-frame structures. Hence, it can reduce and distribute the exerted force evenly when any collision happens.


Driving a Honda can create an exceptional experience for you. The brand vouches for stable maneuverability and performance. The high-quality engines give the vehicle top-class performance even after several years. Moreover, its aerodynamic design can reduce drag, making the ride smooth and comfortable. Also, don’t forget to look for the NVH levels, which differentiates Honda from other brands and creates excellent driving dynamics.

No matter the kind of vehicle you want, Honda has something for everyone. So, assess the mentioned attributes and get your hands on the one you have been thinking about.

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