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8 Benefits of an Office Water Cooler

Many countries require businesses and organizations to have a water cooler that offers pure and clean drinking water to their employees. As water is essential for survival, we need to drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water every day. However, most of the water available on earth is impure and not fit for drinking. A water cooler with purification technology is the solution to this problem. Having a water cooler at the workplace means your employees stay hydrated throughout the day and work to their best level of productivity. Let us explore all the benefits of a water cooler at the workplace.

Keeps Your Employees Hydrated 

Hydration is important for the maintenance of fluids in the body, and it offers many other health benefits. Drinking water every hour helps the employees to relieve stress, minimize headaches and maintain their digestion while working in sitting jobs. A water cooler in an office encourages the employees to drink water frequently and keep themselves hydrated, which helps them maintain their overall health.

Easy To Use

The water cooler made for workplaces is very easy to use as all you need to do is press a button to get the water delivered into your glass. Moreover, some water coolers come with another tab that delivers hot water. These coolers have an inbuilt heating system that enables them to deliver hot water. Your employees can also fill their water bottles to place them on their table and consume water whenever they feel thirst.

Fewer Leaves Due To Sickness.

When the employees of a business keep themselves hydrated, they are able to maintain their health and Fall sick less frequently. When your employees stay healthy, they are less likely to fall sick and take leaves. This can improve the overall attendance of the employees, which in turn maintains the monthly productivity of your business. Therefore, if you don’t have a water cooler in your office, you must install one as soon as possible.

Filtered Water.

Most water coolers available in the market come with a filter that filters any type of debris or contaminant in the water. The water cooler does not work as a water purifier but filters any heavy particles present in the water to give you clean and clear water for drinking. Most employers connect the water cooler with their water purifier for the supply of water. The cooler gets supply from the water purifier and simply fitter and cools the water to offer you purified cold water for drinking.

Save space 

Water coolers are smaller than refrigerators and ideal for dispensing pure cold water. A water cooler takes less space as compared to a refrigerator in your office. Also, refrigerators are more expensive than water coolers. By installing a water cooler in your office, you can save both space and money.

Need Of Water Bottles.

Having a water cooler installed in your office eliminates the need to use water dispensing bottles. Water bottles are expensive, and you need to refill them again and again to fulfill the requirement of water in your office. However, a water cooler can be connected directly to the water supply line or a water purifier for continuous delivery of drinking water. You don’t need to spend money on water bottles every other day.

Eco Friendly

As a water cooler eliminates the need for plastic bottles, it is an eco-friendly option. Not using plastic bottles can contribute to a green ecosystem and environment.

Minimum Maintenance

Water coolers require minimum maintenance as they do not have any complex parts that require repair or replacement. If you use the office water cooler as recommended by the manufacturer, it does not require much maintenance. All it requires is the replacement of the filter once a year or sooner, depending on the usage. The cost of maintenance of water coolers is quite affordable for employers.

Final words

Having a water cooler in the office offers all these benefits for your employees. The availability of clean water helps your employees to keep themselves hydrated and refreshed throughout the day. Therefore, they work more and contribute to the overall productivity of your business. Knowing the benefits of having a water cooler will encourage business owners and employers to install it in their offices.

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