Office 365 for Your Business

8 Benefits of Office 365 for Your Business

Did you know that most business people use Microsoft Teams has 75 million active daily users? Consider using Office 365. If you want to learn about the benefits of Office 365, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over why you should consider using Microsoft Office 365.

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  1. Make Working From Home a Breeze

Do you work at home from time to time? Consider using Microsoft Office 365. With Office 365, workers aren’t forced to only use their desktop.

Workers who go on business trips can also finish their work on their laptops.

An employee can open up their spreadsheet in their client’s office or respond to emails at night.

Some team members might collaborate with their colleagues remotely on SharePoint. Office 365 allows you to have more flexibility as an employee.

If a lot of your employees work from home, you should consider using Office 365. If you’re ready to switch to Office 365, get expert help.

Read more here on Office 365 Migration. Someone can help you switch to using Office 365. Consider showing your employees how to use Office 365.

  1. Store Items in the Cloud

Storing files in the cloud and backing them up protects your business. In the event of a disaster at work, your emails, data, and files are still stored in the cloud.

Microsoft Exchange will also have recovery features. This means inboxes or emails will get restored.

  1. Upgrades Will Occur Automatically

Apps like Outlook, Excel, and Word get updated automatically when there are upgrades. Don’t worry about using the latest version because this occurs automatically.

You won’t need to worry about buying new software. The updates get included in your subscription to the Office 365 license.

  1. People Collaborate More With Office 365

Businesses prefer Office 365 applications because it makes it easy to collaborate. Teams and employees can work together on shared tasks no matter where they’re located.

A popular feature is called Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams has a file storage system, instant messaging, and calling features.

You can share documents and host meetings without being in the same room.

SharePoint is another popular application. Share and store any files from projects, meeting notes, company guidelines, and templates.

You can access files stored on SharePoint from most devices. If you need a document during a business meeting, you can quickly pull it up on your device. Learn more about Teams Tenant to Tenant Migration and how to Migrate SharePoint from One tenant to another.

  1. Boost Communication Between Employees

Office 365 allows users to communicate with one another across Outlook and Skype. Skype for Business is a great tool to use.

You can hold meetings and conference calls with agencies across the world and your staff. You can communicate no matter the time difference or distance.

Microsoft Teams allow you to instant message. You can also add comments to files. This is a helpful tool when communicating about co-authored documents.

You can tag people on Microsoft Teams, so they get a notification when you write a comment for them. You will have immediate and constant contact with individuals and teams.

Yammer is another excellent feature of Office 365. Yammer is like a social network for your business. You can post on your company’s news feed and message the entire workforce.

Your staff will get an email notification. This way, messages don’t get missed.

Anyone can comment on these posts. You can also create different channels in Yammer for various purposes. This way, you don’t have to post to your entire business.

  1. Lower Spending

You can get rid of a massive up-front cost for new software when you use Office 365. Office 365 is a subscription service. Businesses will pay a monthly or annual fee for each user.

Some companies tend to pay the fee yearly. Most plans get paid monthly. You can turn off services that people aren’t using. You won’t waste money on services that aren’t getting used.

  1. Protect Your Business With Data Security

Office 365 includes built-in security features. You can protect your business against outside threats. Administrators will have internal access controls.

Your organization will know where the data is, and your Admins can control who accesses the data.

Did someone lose their laptop or smartphone? The administrator can wipe all the emails and data from the lost device.

The user will have access to these accounts from their other devices. Some Office 365 plans include extra security options and Mobile Device Management.

Organizations can also stick to a privacy, compliance, and enterprise data security standard.

Microsoft Defender ATP will provide endpoint protection. It will prevent data breaches and cyber-attacks. It also works on mobile devices that are more vulnerable to attacks.

Office 365 ATP will target ransomware, zero-day threats, and phishing attacks in links and email attachments.

Microsoft Cloud App Security detects strange usage and alerts you to different threats in your cloud apps.

Azure ATP will use an on-site active directory to protect identities.

  1. Boost Productivity

Office 365 sets up your team to finish their job more efficiently. They will have a lot of different tools to use to complete different tasks.

An administrator can easily set up a new employee on Office 365. A business analyst will write procedure and policy documents in Word.

As a team leader, you’ll want to provide your team with the tools they need to finish their work.

Now You Know the Benefits of Office 365

We hope this guide on the benefits of Office 365 was helpful. Consider switching over to Microsoft Office 365.

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