8 Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

8 Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Everyone wants their clothing to be spotless when they get them out of the laundry. Washing machines, like every other household item, make our lives simpler and less stressful. Thus, it is critical to recognise that routine management and maintenance are key for a washing machine’s high efficiency and longer life.

Hear it from ’Direct Appliance Rentals’ washing machine provider, Karina Wolfin. According to her, “Washing machines may do all the washing of your clothes, but they also need proper care and cleaning. Doing so eliminates unwanted odours and helps your washer last longer by minimising wear and tear. After all, it’s a significant investment, and you’ll want to maintain it in excellent condition so it can function for many years.”

With that said, here are a few fast and simple ways to keep your washing machines happy, healthy, and long-lasting.

1. Keep An Eye On What You’re Washing

It would be best not to wash rubber mats and thick carpets in the washing machine. These items would put a strain on the washing machine’s motor, perhaps resulting in permanent damage.

Also, before you wash your clothes, check the pockets for keys, coins, or phones. Yes, there are days when you sometimes forgot your phone and threw them in with your clothes in the washing machine. Loud clang, thudding noises, and your phone get soaked, along with a dent in the washing tub.

2. Don’t Use Too Much Detergent

People often believe that they need more detergent to get clean clothes. Using excessive detergent to wash garments is a widespread practice. People cram the machine with filthy, greasy clothing and lots of detergents, hoping to end up with stain-free clothes. However, this is not the case. Always wash light loads of clothes with minimal detergent. The excess detergent will harm not just your clothes but also the washing machine’s water pipes and engine.

3. Minimise Or Do Away With Fabric Softeners

Liquid fabric softeners should be used sparingly or not at all (one teaspoon is enough for the whole load). The same goes with bleach. Remember that since high-efficiency washing machines use less water, they need less softening or bleaching products.

4. Do Not Overload

Do Not Overload

Overloading your washing machine exerts additional strain on the motor, shortening its life. Before purchasing a washing machine, make a three-year plan. Are you expecting a new family member soon due to a family wedding, for example? Get a larger washing machine since you won’t be changing it for at least the next three to four years.

5. Remove Completed Loads As Soon As Possible

Allowing wet clothing to stay in the washing machine is not a good idea. Damp clothing is a perfect breeding ground for musty odours and mildew.

6. Washing Machines Inside A Bathroom Is Not A Perfect Combo

First, it poses a threat to your family, particularly children. Second, water splashes and vapour from the hot water system may shorten the washing machine’s life.

7. Placing The Washing Machine On A Flat Surface Is Essential

Installing your washing machine on a slanted surface, such as in a bathroom or on floorboards, may generate a lot of vibration, which might ruin the washing machine.

8. Have Your Washing Machine Regularly Checked

Contact an authorised service professional once every three to four months to clean or check your washing machine. Never attempt to open the washing machine on your own.

Wash Out Your Dirty Clothes⸺Not Your Money

Washing machines aren’t cheap investments. It can be pricey, especially if you want all of the newest features to make your work easier and your clothes cleaner. Follow the tips and tricks that we’ve shared to get the most out of your washing machine. It’s essential that it lasts as long as possible and does an excellent job at keeping your clothes fresh and clean.

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