Gas Stove Cost
Gas Stove Cost

A Costly Investment: How Much Does A Gas Stove Cost?

Finding a suitable gas stove is by far the most significant step insofar as reaping the benefits it brings about is concerned. These items are generally quite expensive and hence out of the reach of many who would wish to make use of them. You must hence answer the question, how much does a gas stove cost?

We have deemed it necessary to come to your rescue here. For this, we draft and dedicate the entire length and scope of this article towards that. The article endeavors to highlight the factors that determine the actual cost of the stove and how each plays out.

How Much Does A Gas Stove Cost

Here now are the factors that determine the cost of the gas stove:

Number of Burners

There is a direct correlation between the number of burners and the actual cost of the gas stove. A stove that has many burners is generally costlier than that which has fewer burners. This is understandable given that the one that has many burners is generally more equipped to cook many recipes.

Cooking Options

Different stoves can tackle different cooking options. Examples of these are simmering, toasting, charring, flambeing, boiling, and frying. Of course, the more the number of cooking options that the stove can manage, the costlier it is likely also to be. The best gas range you pick has to fit your cooking needs precisely.


As we speak, there are many players who are engaged in the production of these gas stoves. Some of them particularly stand out. Their lines of products are backed by a generous warranty, are more durable, and tend to do a better job, when all factors are taken into consideration.

They definitely cost a lot more than their cheaper counterparts. Examples of these brands are:

  • LSG4511ST
  • Samsung
  • Miele
  • BlueStar
  • LG
  • Prestige
  • Sunflame
  • Glen
  • Elica Vetro

Sheer Size

These gas stoves come in diverse sizes for you to opt for. Larger stoves generally cost more than smaller ones. They are able to handle larger pots and be used to prep huge quantities of recipes compared to their smaller counterparts that may only be used for small-scale food preparations.

Fuel Source

Gas stoves draw their fuel from two main sources. These are the liquid propane and liquefied petroleum gas. The liquid propane gas stoves tend to be costlier than those that derive their fuel from the liquefied petroleum gas. That is given its hotter and long-lasting flame outcomes.

Ignition Mechanism

Even though they all derive their cooking power from the gas, they come with diverse ignition mechanisms. Some mechanisms are safer and more prompt than others. The best gas cooktops that have them subsequently cost more to come by compared to those whose mechanisms are weaker.

Mode of Installations

Generally, these appliances are designed to be installed in different ways. Some are freestanding, others are wall-mounted yet others require you to attach them to an existing piece of equipment to operationalize. The wall-mounted gas stoves are overall more expensive to purchase and make use of.

Safety Apparatus

For your own safety and added peace of mind, these items are packed with many safety apparatus. These apparatuses vary in scope, degree of efficacy, and mode of use. The canisters are quite effective in sealing off leaks and any hazards that may pop up during use. Its gas stoves are thus more expensive to purchase.

Appearance and Style

Outside the core role of prepping your recipes, these gas stoves also play the secondary role of enhancing the interior décor of your spaces. In order that they discharge this end, they exist in some classy and elegant exterior appearances. Definitely, the classier and the more elegant they are, the costlier they tend to become.


Lastly, the sheer strength of the materials that make them up also plays a role in determining their overall cost. Gas stoves that are made of strong and durable materials like stainless steel and Aluminum are costlier than those made of weaker materials. And that is given that they last longer.


We bring to closure our peek into the question, how much does a gas stove cost there. When all factors are put into consideration, expect to part with $500 for a single-oven gas stove that has a coverage of about 5.3 cubic feet. Before we let you go, we want to give you one bonus point.

We urge you to compare the prices of many dealers, time your purchase appropriately, and work only with seasoned dealers to obtain your gas at the most affordable price. Then again, you have to factor in your financial resource endowment to see to it that you get yours at a cost that is not too disparaging to you.

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