All You Need to Know about SupportingSmiles

All You Need to Know about SupportingSmiles

All the products that are needed for realigning the teeth and making other corrections are high on demand. In this article, we are going to talk about a firm called SupportingSmiles. A large number of dentists are available in the market today but you can’t rely on all of them. Our firm offers several products like dental retainers, teeth-whitening trays, athletic mouth-guards, and teeth grinding guards, etc.

You can get these things from anywhere in the market but teeth are such a type of body part that differs very much from person to person. But our firm gives you personalized products fit for your teeth in particular.

What is so special about SupportingSmile?

Whenever you think about some brand, you always look for the qualities that make it special. In this section of the article, we are going to mention all the special features that make it special.

We mainly make custom dental products that are DIY-based. Every product that we make is custom-made so that it can fit specific user’s demands. The next paragraph of this article will discuss the steps involved in making custom-made dental products.

  1. We manufacture kits. At first, you have to visit our official website and order one of those impression kits. This impression kit is patented and called the Easy-At-Home impression kit. Till now, more than a million people have ordered these impressions online.
  2. Now, you will need to make the impression of your teeth using that kit. The product that will be shipped to your home will come with a reader manual to help you make the impression of teeth. After you have made a successful and precise impression of your teeth, send those impressions back to us in a prepaid box.
  3. Once we receive that box with the impression of your teeth, we will start making the dental retainers for you. All of those products are manufactured in our state-of-art laboratory. The manufacturing process of those products will take a specified duration of time. We will notify you about the required time once the impression kit is received at one of our offices.

These steps may seem simple to you but you need to be careful enough while making the impression of your teeth. If you fail to make the right impression of your teeth, it won’t be possible for us to manufacture the right dental retainers for you.

Ways to make the right impression of your teeth using the DIY kit

In order to avoid any mistake, we have put together some tips that would help you in making the impression in a proper way. Take a look at these instructions.

What will you get in the box?

The box containing the home impression kit will include:

  • an impression tray that can be easily adjusted based on the size of your jaws.
  • Two types of putty
  • Instruction manual
  • Address for return shipping of the kit.

Here are the steps to make the impression of your teeth

The first thing that you have to do is read the instruction manual so that you can fully understand all the functions of the impression tray. There are several features that allow you to make proper arrangements so that it will fit rightly in your mouth.

After you have set the impression tray based on the size and structure of your jaw, take out the putty.

Note: Make sure that you have put the putty in a proper room temperature. If the temperature varies too much, the molecular integrity of the putty will be affected. Before using the putty, you should put it in the refrigerator for about 5-20 minutes.

Take out the putty from the refrigerator. There are two putties, one is white and the other is blue in color. Mix those putties together uniformly. You have to mix that evenly but try to do it as quickly as possible. When the whole putty becomes blue in color, it is ready to be used.

Use your hands to transform the putty into the form of a tube. That tube should have the right dimensions to fit in the impression tray.

Now put the putty in the information tray. You have to be extra aware when putting the tray in your mouth. If you are unable to do it the right way, a proper impression will not be made. The alignment of the impression tray should precisely match with that of the structure of your jaws.

The putty takes about 4 minutes to harden. Wait for at least 4 minutes while holding the impression tray in the right position.

Before you ship that kit to the specified address, confirm that the impression is right up to the mark.

Final words

We hope this article was helpful in telling you about our custom teeth retainers. If you need one, visit our official website for more information about this product.


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