NDIS Meal Preparation

An Introduction to NDIS Meal Preparation and Deliveries Funding

NDIS meals providers deliver healthy meals to your door. Want to know how NDIS funding works? In this article, you will learn how the NDIS funds the preparation and delivery of your meal. Understanding the NDIS funding will help you in better financial planning.

Does it cover the cost of delivery?

If your disability limits your ability to cook a meal or visit the nearest market to purchase ingredients, you can use NDIS funding for meal preparation and delivery to your house.

Costs Covered in NDIS Funding

The NDIS covers meal preparation and home delivery costs. You will pay for the ingredients required for meal preparation. You cannot use NDIS funding for day-to-day expenses. NDIS meals providers don’t consider the exact price of ingredients used in your meal. They use a standard formula. When it comes to breaking down the total cost into the cost of ingredients and cost of NDIS meals preparation, the formula is not the same for all NDIS meal providers. Generally, NDIS funds are used to cover 70% of the cost. You have to cover the remaining 30%.

Using NDIS funding for meal preparation and delivery

You can have your NDIS plan funds allocated for this purpose. If your budget has funding for Core supports, you can use core funding for meal preparation and delivery. Keep in mind that transport is an exception. You will have to pay for ingredients.

If you are self-managed or plan-managed, you have more options of meal delivery services as compared to agency managed people. You can work with unregistered providers. Keep in mind that you will have to pay more.

Under category 1, you can request to include meal preparation in your NDIS meal plan delivery. Now you have funds for meals. You can use your core budget to get other supports. This is an ideal option for those who get their meals delivered regularly. This saves your time and effort as you don’t need to reimburse every meal delivered to you.

Your planner needs the following things if you want to include meal preparation in your plan:

  • Details of the number of meals and the total price from a meal provider.
  • Evidence that shows why meal preparation and delivery funding is necessary for you. You can get a letter from a licensed occupational therapist to show that it is not possible for you to prepare meals.
  • Choose a menu as a single provider will deliver your meals.


  • You will cover 30% of the cost. The NDIS doesn’t pay for ingredients in your meal.
  • You can cover meal preparation and delivery using your core funds. Think about your budget if you are considering this option.
  • Share a quote from a provider for specific funding for NDIS meals.
  • The option of support worker funding is also available if you don’t want to get your meals delivered.

You can find many NDIS meal providers online. Find a provider who can tailor NDIS meal plans for you. Make sure that the provider uses fresh, organic ingredients.

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