Are Cannabis Tinctures Right for You?

Are Cannabis Tinctures Right for You?

A tincture is fundamentally a medication dissolved in alcohol. Placing a tincture of any product under the tongue is the fastest way to get it into your bloodstream, as you would take a CBD oil via dropper. As a general rule, a CBD oil will be a bit more pleasant to taste but there is a risk of it going rancid. A CBD tincture will be shelf-stable for longer but may have an unpleasant flavor.

What Is a Cannabis Tincture?

A cannabis tincture refers to a combination of cannabis products dissolved in alcohol. This alcohol is often used as the extraction tool once the cannabis has been through a decarboxylation process.

While CBD oil products are usually made with oil from the CBD plant blended with a carrier oil, making CBD oil tinctures means that you’re blending the alcohol-based tincture with a carrier oil of your choice. Do be aware that if you make your own tinctures, time in the alcohol increases the potency.

Why Should You Try Cannabis Tinctures?

If you only use CBD oil as a way to help you sleep, reduce anxiety or overcome insomnia, you may be aware of the sublingual dosage process and results. However, with tinctures, you can microdose with blended custom drinks and extend the dosage time by cooking with tinctures.

For those with chronic pain, the use of edible tincture products can be a great benefit. If you use CBD oil to help you fall asleep, consider a snack prepared with CBD tincture before bed to help you stay asleep. Since edibles take more time to have an impact on your nervous system, you can extend your dosage results with an edible.

How Exactly Do You Use Cannabis Tinctures?

Cannabis tinctures are alcohol-based. Do not use them around an open flame and do NOT vape with them. Your tinctures will need to be kept away from light and heat.

Make sure when you buy your tincture that it’s less than a year old; if you find a source that guarantees product within that time window, confirm that the provider offers third-party testing and you can be fairly confident that your product will provide the dose it offers on the label and be within date.

You can blend your tincture dosage in a cup of tea before bedtime to help you stay asleep. You can mix it into a cup of yogurt or applesauce if you have any stomach challenges, such as heartburn or GERD at night. You can put a partial dose in your post-workout protein drink to reduce muscle soreness and avoid the sleepiness that many experiences with a full dose of CBD.

While CBD oils and CBD oil tinctures offer a lot of flexibility in your dosage, it is critically important that you do NOT use these products as a topical or as a vaping tool. Oils and Tinctures are formulated to either be placed under the tongue for quick absorption or to be ingested for a lower dosage.

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