Summer of Sport

Will 2021 Finally Provide a Summer of Sport?

There is no sugar coating it, the past couple of years have been tough for sports fans. Sporting events have been cancelled and even those that went ahead generally did so without any fans in attendance. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic is seemingly coming to an end in many quarters around the globe, can we finally look forward to a summer of sport in 2021?

Obviously, we do not expect everything to suddenly return to normal, but we should at least have more to look forward to compared to recent years, right? Well, let’s take a look at some of the sports events we should be able to enjoy.

Euro 2020

Yes, it’s Euro 2020, and the year is 2021. That says it all. Fifa cancelled the event for obvious reasons but although it is a year late, the competition will now take place next month. For football fans, this has been the one we have been waiting for (literally).

It will be a condensed affair, but at least we can once again feast our eyes on some of the best footballers on the planet right now. So, who is your tip for success? Any country you think is worth betting on to take down the illustrious trophy? Sports betting is already mooted by many as a way to keep ourselves entertained this summer, so we expect many of you to have similar urges to back their favourite teams.

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African Cup of Nations & Copa America

Life gets better for football fans as you also have two other international tournaments to look forward to. Both the African Cup of Nations and the Copa America offer international tournaments from other regions on the planet. There is usually high drama and plenty of quality on show during either of these events, so mark them down on your calendars.


The world’s most prestigious tennis tournament has also experienced struggles in recent years but could we once again have some fans in the stands? That is not totally clear yet but we do expect some restrictions to be lifted this time around. Wimbledon always delivers memorable moments, so hopefully one of those will be the sight of the stands containing flag-waving fans!

Summer of 2021 – Here We Come!

There is so much more to look forward to as well. Notable mentions include the Tour de France, US Open golf tournament, and the Ryder Cup. Throw in a handful of horse racing events, a world heavyweight championship bout, and the NBA playoff finals, and there should be something for everybody to enjoy in the summer of 2021. Whether you can watch live or in front of the television, there is going to be tons of sporting action to enjoy.

Also, the good news is the fact that 2022 promises to be even better! By then, we might even be rid of COVID-19 for good!

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