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Scribd is one of the largest digital library websites and offers audiobooks, eBooks, magazines, documents from full-length fiction to recipes. It is also the largest social publishing company. There are plenty of free ebooks and other digital content available on a wide variety of subjects.

Each month more than 80 million readers from around the world visit the Scribd website. Visitors can access a wealth of different types of digital documents, from full-length works of fiction and creative writing, through to recipes, non-fiction ebooks, or how-to manuals. This digital content can be viewed online through Scribd’s own Scribd app. Most content can be downloaded for viewing offline.

Original Content

Scribd library has many popular Audiobooks even though it lucks the newest and bestselling titles that Audible has.  Many documents that are published on Scribd are by professional authors or publishers. However many others are published by individuals looking for a means of sharing their written work. This makes Scribd an exciting place to browse for unusual or unique content. Readers can find audiobooks and ebooks and digital content that would otherwise be hard or impossible to find. Authors can publish documents on any subject, however niche, and share this with readers from around the world.

Scribd vs Audible

Many people who are interested in audiobook subscriptions compare Scribd To Audible. To be honest every service has its pros and cons. In my opinion, if you are looking for Audiobooks only then Audible is a better choice at the same time Scribd has a wider variety of content and it might be cheaper.

Types of Documents on Scribd

The documents on Scribd are contained within categories. This allows users to search the entire site for documents or keep their search to a specific category, for instance just searching books or how-to guides. Documents can be searched for by title and the content can be searched for specific keywords. This is an important and useful feature as a large number of documents available can make browsing unwieldy. Visitors can quickly narrow their search to just relevant documents.

Free and Paid-for Content

In a recent development, members can sell their written work via Scribd. This means that visitors have the opportunity to purchase ebooks and digital content from partner companies including several large publishing houses. The type of content varies, however some publishers allow the purchase of a single chapter of a book. Many publishers also use Scribd as a way of showcasing their publications. Some magazine publishers, for instance, publish excerpts from magazines as an example of their publication.

Reading Scribd Documents

Documents can be read online and most documents can be downloaded. Authors have the opportunity to disable downloading, therefore some documents cannot be downloaded. Documents are downloaded in pdf and text formats, plus the original format if applicable. Once downloaded, the document can be read via the preferred document reader.

Embedding Documents

Documents can be embedded on other websites and blogs. This is a good way to share information with like-minded people. Readers wishing to embed content simply use the embed button featured on the relevant document.

Scribd and Copyright

Copyright of original work remains with the author. People publishing work on Scribd does not assign copyright. Users have the opportunity to publish work using one of a variety of Creative Commons licenses. The Scribd terms and conditions state that people uploading content must be the content holder or have the necessary rights to republish content. There are, however, violations and Scribd will terminate the accounts of people who are guilty of copyright theft.

Scribd is an interesting website allowing visitors to buy the latest fiction or to access for free the work of an unknown poet – plus much else in between. As long as the issues regarding copyright are addressed and that copyright violations continue to be quickly dealt with, Scribd will become an increasingly useful source of digital content.

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