Five Epic Pool Design Tips

Five Epic Pool Design Tips

Are you looking for the perfect pool for your property? If so, then you are not alone, as it’s most homeowners’ dream. Swimming is an essential part of Australian culture, and while your pool should meet functionality, there are various things to consider to make it perfect.

One of the considerations is in which materials are used. Like a dilemma for most, you will have to choose between fibreglass and concrete. While fibreglass is a cheaper option, they only come in certain moulds. So, if you wish for a chic design, then concrete is much more customisable – it will give you more control in your oasis with elements like adding unique colours and fixtures to your desired shape.

Just like any industry, pool designs have seen significant improvements. From using handmade and natural products for paving to mineral pools that reduce the need for frequent chlorine cleaning with harsh effects on longevity. Ensure you find the best builder so your pool does not compromise on style and functionality.

Tips for the best custom design pool


Everything that is enticing to the eye starts with efficient preparation. Take the time to do in-depth research on your pool’s significant and tiny requirements. While at it, check if you need any approvals. There are all kinds of resources for the design elements, from pool magazines to websites of professional pool builders. You will surely get inspiration and ideas that can create an insanely beautiful pool.


While the pool can be everything you ever dreamt of, be careful not to intrude on the current use of your outdoor space. Your house utilises various colours, shapes, and materials; these components must match the pool design. If you would love to incorporate plants around the pool, they should feature bands of similar species. There are exceptions, but generally, it may interfere with the overall look.


When they said less is more, this is one of the applications. You may wish for an attractive pool with complex, intricate shapes, and that’s okay. But simplicity doesn’t mean ‘boring’ or ‘less beautiful.’ Simply designed pools incorporate beauty and less maintenance. In turn, it means less effort from you and longevity from the pool. If you feel that something standard is somehow uninviting, include at least one classy feature like a blade waterfall or pool lighting? It will boost the aesthetics and give you a unique swimming experience. With the soothing rays of the Australian sun and the therapeutic effect of water on our minds and bodies, you are unstoppable!


Based on the available space and what works best for you and your family, your pool builder may have some recommendations on the size. You can work around the natural slope of your land to save you money. However, the functionality and appeal should not be hindered.

For the perfect size, consider the following:

  • The purpose of the addition.
  • The number of users.
  • If you need extra patio space for other outdoor activities like grilling meals around the pool.

Most households in Australia have small backyards or restricted access. With confined or sloping spaces, plunge pools are ideal.


As you hunt the internet for all kinds of designs, ensure you add fun to your pool. Consider boosting your family get-togethers with water slides, or create a sanctuary by entertaining yourself after a whole day at work with lighting effects.


After contemplating the design of your pool, it’s time to factor in other resources. Even if your space doesn’t allow you have a traditional pool, a plunge pool is a great alternative. Also, find out various package deals to establish the best one for you.

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