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Bariatric Equipment Togetting

It is necessary to have the correct bariatric equipment if you want to give these patients the right care. Bariatric patients are those patients who are obese. Obesity is an issue that is increasing. Ambulatory care areas are usually not prepared to handle their special requirements. It is necessary to get safe and good equipment for these people. The following are some pieces of equipment that you should consider getting for bariatric patients.

Exam Tables

Here you need to focus on the weight capacity that they have. The powered height adjustment as well as the width is something else that is important. Standard tables possess weight capacities that are till 400 pounds whereas the bariatric exam ones possess weight capacities to 800 pounds.

For heavier people, it is recommended to get powered high/low type of exam tables. This is because of their limited mobility. Wider tables are needed for larger patients.

The room along with door size has to be considered when employing bariatric tables. This is to make certain that the door width plus room size is enough to handle the big size table.


You will have to see the weight limits of scales as some standard ones are not able to handle bariatric patients’ weight. There are wheelchair-accessible as well as standing scales that are often utilized within outpatient areas. The scales that have a larger weight limit are usually electronic. They need batteries or some power to function.

The wheelchair-accessible scales require the person to sit upon a chair when weighing occurs. They possess ramps to help position the wheelchair. You can click here for bariatric equipment to see the different ones available for instance.


Patient lifts can be gotten like portable ones or fixed ones. If you have an outpatient facility then consider portable lifts as they are less expensive and give more flexibility as they can be moved across rooms.

The fixed lifts often possess an overhead track system. These are better for dedicated bariatric places. They also have more infrastructure expenses.

The portable option can be put strategically across the ambulatory center allowing them to be easily accessible at the time that they are required. When these are tough to locate, staff will not employ them. This can lead to possible patient and staff injury connected with lifting.

The portable ones need storage space, therefore enough space must be figured out. Sizes vary when it comes to these therefore you should look at dimensions when getting them.


A bariatric wheelchair tends to be a necessity because it can be tough for really obese people to walk to the place they need to go to the facility. You need to look at ergonomics specifically for simple movement when there is much load.

The necessary door width especially for egress along with clear floor space needed to handle the wheelchair must be kept in mind. A bariatric wheelchair is wider in comparison to a standard one so the space required has to be more.

There is other equipment that you need like stretchers, a Diagnostic Imaging System, etc. Get these in good quality from a reputable seller so that the quality is good.

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