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Want Camping Gear? – Try Fin Feather Fur & Here’s Why

When you want to go and spend some time in nature, it sounds like a fairly simple process. You pick a place, you get your camping gear together and you head out – right? Well, that’s what I thought when I started planning our last family trip and before too long, I realised that I’d drastically underestimated what we’d need and it looked like a lot of trouble until I looked at Fin Feather Fur.

Having not really been camping for real before, we had no base kit – meaning that we had to buy everything from the tent upwards.

It was when I tried to envisage what kind of things we’d need once we reached our destination that I understood how many things we were talking about. Let’s take a look at what I found.

Fin Feather Fur Has Something for Everything

Ok, so when you’re looking for gear for your camping trip, you need to consider everything and when you get it right, your break is that much more enjoyable and comfortable. Here’s a brief run-down of some of the things we were able to get all in one place.

  • Compass – to ensure we don’t get lost in the wilderness
  • Emergency blankets – in case anyone started to suffer with the cold
  • Fire starters – making that all-important campfire easier to get going
  • Water purification tablets – in case we got stuck without water
  • Camp lighting – so that you don’t have to hit the sack as soon as it gets dark
  • Hammocks – for that extra bit of comfort
  • Insect repellents – as there’s nothing worse than getting bitten by those pesky mosquitoes!
  • Camp furniture – adding more comfort around the campfire
  • A cooking stove – for obvious reasons
  • 3 Season sleeping bags – as you need good sleep to have energy for hiking no matter how cold it gets

Now, I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is a small fraction of what we actually needed and when I contacted Fin Feather Fur for their help in ensuring I didn’t miss anything, they couldn’t have been more helpful. In fact, they came up with a few extra things that made our trip out even better.

Rather than merely trying to up the basket total by offering things we didn’t ACTUALLY need, the Fin Feather Fur staff recommended things that had real applications that we used on our holiday. For instance, the camping furniture we bought came with cup holders and side trays and I can’t tell you how comfortable that made things.

It would be true to say that those little details make the difference.

Everything All in One Place

The thing we got right was choosing Fin Feather Fur and no, I’m not sponsored by them! I’m just wanting to broadcast to others just how easy they made the whole process for us.

Having everything in one place and advice to back it up meant that we set off on our camping break knowing that we hadn’t forgotten anything. When you’re going to areas of the country that have no amenities or shops to fall back on, it’s real peace of mind, I can tell you.

So, if you are like us and you’re not too experienced in the whole camping scene, I can recommend using them for the fact that they’re passionate about helping their customers.

Take our word for it if you like or try them out – it’s entirely up to you. One thing that we can guarantee – from our experience – is that you won’t be disappointed with the choice or the help you receive.

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