Rave Clothing

How Rave Clothing is Making a Comeback

If you’ve ever been to a rave or festival, you’ve likely seen people dress from head to toe in rave clothing. Rave clothing is bright, sparkly, lit up, and generally scarce. When it comes to rave clothing, less is more. Rave clothing used to work its way into everyday culture and outfits. If you look back at the 70s and 80s, everyday fashion was often inspired by rave looks, allowing people to wear brightly colored pieces mixed in with their everyday pieces.

This trend is only just coming back around. With huge festivals like EDC, Electric Zoo, and Hangout Fest drawing in large crowds every year, people have closets full of festival wear.

Where’s the fun in only wearing those clothes every so often to a festival or party? The resurgence of awesome rave styles is occurring simply because more people are becoming interested in raves and festivals.

The more people that go, the more people that own these types of clothes, the more frequently people incorporate their rave clothes into their everyday life. Speaking of wearing rave clothes on a regular basis, how do you possibly go about styling those looks?

How to Incorporate Rave Styles into Your Everyday Life

If you’re thinking about adding more rave styles into your everyday outfits, think about which pieces you’d like to incorporate and where you’d like to wear them. Obviously, you won’t be able to get away with wearing these styles to an office, but bars, clubs, and parties are all great places to show off your cute outfits.

If you purchased a full outfit for the latest rave, there are many more opportunities to wear it out. You don’t have to let it dye at the back of your closet, never to be seen again. You can make it work. We know you’ve got a lot of different rave outfits in your closet (and that you’re always searching for more), so here are some ways to style your existing pieces.

If you’re feeling extra, feel free to throw together an entire outfit for your outting. If you’re confident, who cares what other people think. Rave clothing has a way of making people feel confident in their own skin, and raves are a great place to get used to that feeling.

Because everyone is dressed up, covered in body glitter and LED lights, no one is truly a spectacle. That’s part of the magic of raves. You can blend in while going all out.

If you’re not looking to make a statement, try breaking up your matching set into different outfits. Pair a holographic tank top with a pair of jeans and clunky boots. Throw a jacket on top to make it look even more casual.

For some dressier, wear booty shorts or a skirt in a fun pattern with a more modest or plain shirt or sweater. There are so many options for you.

Is Rave Clothing Here to Stay?

Because rave clothing is so easy to wear and style, it doesn’t look like it’s truly going anywhere anytime soon. With apps like Tik Tok and YouTube, other creators are always encouraging their audiences to try out new styles such as these.

Just like when celebrities used to influence fashion choices amongst the youth, now social media influencers play a much larger role. As long as social media influencers keep wearing rave clothing (or similar styles), their followers will too.

Rave clothing is so popular because it stretches through many other style types. Rave clothing can be bright and colorful, gothic, grunge, or pastel. No matter what style you like, there’s rave clothing out there for you.

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