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What Not to Do During a Custody Battle: The Most Common Mistakes in a Child Custody Case

Are you locked in a custody battle with your ex-spouse? Do you want to learn about some important custody battle do’s and don’ts? If winning custody over your kid is important to you, you came to the right place.

Did you know that the divorce rate in the US is 2.7 per 1,000 people? Most divorces involve a child, and many more have to enter a custody battle.

Below, we will share some tips on what not to do during a custody battle.

1. Never Arrive Late

No matter what it is, as long as it’s related to your child or the custody battle, never arrive late. This is one of the biggest child custody mistakes that you can make. It can show your reluctance or inability to parent your child.

Whether it’s a parent-teacher meeting, football games, or a science fair presentation, don’t be late. Punctuality won’t only communicate your commitment to your kid to other parties. Your child will also notice this and understand that they are your priority.

Never Reschedule Time With Your Kids

Rescheduling set meetings or days with your kids can also paint a bad picture of you as a parent. Remember that you must always look out for your kids and keep their best interests at heart and in mind. When you set a weekend or days to be with your kids, they’ll get ready and look forward to it.

If you reschedule, you make the mistake of hurting them. Plus, repeated rescheduling time with your kids often can show the court that you’re not sincere. This type of behavior often is the type that petty parents do if they want to spite their ex-partners.

2. Don’t Say Negative Things About Your Ex, Their Relatives, or the Children

Often, the actions of a partner were the final straw, like domestic violence or infidelity. Thus, many people get a divorce because the love they shared has turned into animosity or dislike. However, if you’re in a custody battle, it’d be a mistake to show this emotion or idea to others.

Most people talk to their kids and criticize their ex-spouse to destroy his or her reputation. It’s a strategy used to manipulate the child to “take sides.” Others make the mistake of sharing these opinions with their lawyers or friends.

This type of behavior isn’t only damaging, but it can also come back to you threefold. The things you say to others may get brought up in court. Even if a friend of yours promises not to repeat what you said, they may slip.

That’s not to say that you can’t express your frustrations or anger. The key is to be graceful and reasonable about it. Always behave as if the judge were next to you and observing you.

Don’t forget that this also applies to social media platforms. Don’t write anything on social media that points negativity towards your ex-spouse. If you want to know how to express your grievances, read about the questions to ask a divorce lawyer.

3. Keep Away From Drug or Alcohol Abuse

Any form of abuse is a big red flag, especially substance abuse. Whether you are with your kids or not, do your best to kick the habit.
Your ex-spouse can use your addiction as ammunition against you and your case. Even something as light as driving without a license and getting caught is risky.

The same applies to all other illegal activities. As a parent, it’s in your best interest to guide your kids to follow the law and become moral persons. When you do or join illegal activities, you’re not only being hypocritical but also dishonest.

If you do something illegal and get caught, no judge will believe your plea for child custody. Any child custody lawyer will also find it difficult to defend you.

4. Do Not Date During the Divorce and Custody Battle

Marital cheating or infidelity is one of the top reasons behind divorce. It is an act of betrayal that doesn’t only destroy a partner’s trust but also the family. Try to avoid doing the same thing while you’re divorcing your spouse.

If you want to know what not to do during a custody battle, this is one of the top no-no’s, as well. It’s inappropriate for a person to date someone new while they’re still divorcing their partner. A judge may also see it this way, which won’t bode well for your custody case.

Try your best to stay away from the dating scene while you’re getting these things sorted. If you must date, try to keep it private first. Don’t spend the night away from home or invite your new partner when your kids are home.

Avoid introducing your new partner to your kids. When you date, make sure that you still focus on your kids. Show them and the court that you still place their needs ahead of yours.

5. Never Neglect Child Support and Parental Responsibilities

The court will always favor the parent who fulfills their parental responsibilities. When the court sees that you can stand as a parent for your child, it will grant you custody. How do you show that you can be a good parent to your child or children?

Even if it isn’t part of your agreement or court order, provide the necessary child support payments. Pick up your kids for visitations and return them at the time and place you agreed upon with your spouse. Above all, show your kids care, attention, and love.

Take care of your children and support them in any way you can. Be present when they need you, offer an open ear and mind, and spend time with them. Fulfill your role as a parent towards them with sincerity and honesty.

Now You Know What Not to Do During a Custody Battle

Those are the top mistakes in child custody cases that many parents make. We hope you enjoyed reading about what not to do during a custody battle.

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