Bathroom renovation ideas for 2022

We know how Hobart residents are bathroom design enthusiasts and that’s why we’ve been offering cutting-edge bathroom renovation in the area. We have first-hand experience with modern style trends for bathrooms and we’re looking forward to keeping up with next year’s trends too. We’ve put together a detailed style guide for those looking for trendy bathroom renovation in Hobart. These will include trends that are growing in popularity across Australia because they offer a timeless appeal and that’s exactly what you should aim for in your bathroom. It will be an expensive investment to revamp your bathroom, so you should be sure about the design decisions you make. Modern bathrooms can be different based on design, size, style, and your personal preference but they are functional, minimalist, and eco-friendly. We’ll help you along the way with expert advice, but until you give us a call, keep reading to get you started.

The latest trends for 2022 bathroom design

1.     Organic design shapes and colours

Bathroom design is moving away from clean cut lines and corners because property owners are looking for something softer and more natural. Oval and round shapes are becoming all the new craze. 2022 is the year that bathroom renovators will install sphere- or egg-shaped sinks, wall mirrors and other bathroom fixtures. The bathroom will look less rigid and straight angles and incorporate more natural curves into architectural design.

2.     Wood features and accents

There’s a new trend for Hobart bathroom makeovers where property owners want tiles that look like natural wood because they are perfect for giving them a warm feel without actually worrying about the mixing of water and wood. Wood-like tile designs look fantastic on bathroom walls and floors, and they add to the organic aesthetic everyone is after. Modern tiles have natural patterns and pleasant visual illusions to add a wooden touch to bathroom designs. You could also opt for using actual wood in your bathroom. You can use wood in stylish wood panels and for storage facilities like your vanity.

3.     2022 Shower designs

The shower is often timing the most important feature in your bathroom. Modern design trends are finally putting some importance on the look of the shower. Double showers, frameless glass showers and tiled showers are the new interesting takes for property owners to consider.

4.     Wall-mounted sink vanities

Bathrooms aren’t usually the biggest rooms on the property, so professional bathroom renovation companies have had to be creative with installations to maximise on space. Wall-mounted sink vanities and other storage options help to limit cramping in small bathrooms and create spaciousness.

5.     Industrial style bathrooms

These kinds of bathrooms are usually seen in lofts across Australia, the industrial style uses dark colour themes and minimalist designs to achieve a futuristic look. You may want to consider using rugged looking materials like concrete and metal.

6.     Natural stone slabs

This is the pinnacle of luxury in any bathroom and stone benchtops are becoming striking features of new bathrooms in Hobart. Natural stone counters and vanities really are beautiful features of any bathroom. Spectacular natural patterns in the stone and the expensive sheen they have will add a chic touch to bathroom design 2022.

7.     Houseplants in the bathroom

Interior designers are starting to notice how houseplants can thrive in the bathroom because they’re the best conditions for humid and moist plant-growing environments. And there’s nothing like a pop of green to lift the colours in the roof. The biggest benefit is how cheap they are as decorations in modern bathroom design.

8.     Wet room

This is a trend that Hobart bathroom installers can get behind! We can renovate your bathroom so that the entire area becomes one wet room. This means that we waterproof the entire floor and move away from divisions. We’ll create an interior shell throughout the bathroom that can withstand the wet conditions of a shower, minimizing the effects of moisture damage and mould for every single inch of the floor. Plus, it’s space effective because the bath, sink, and shower can all fit in the same compartment. These rooms are easy to clean and great for maximizing the floor space

9.Classic white

White is a classic colour theme for any bathroom renovation but that also means it’s timeless. White will simply never go out of style and that’s why the colour theme is standing the test of time. In 2022 though, you can explore more style options for all white with something like a veined marble tub to add some texture to the colour.

10. Statement wallpaper

Instead of using typical wall materials for your new bathroom renovation project, you should consider the new trend of adding a bold and vibrant wallpaper design to one of the walls. Florals or even stripes can create an impressive backdrop for bathroom trends in 2022

11.Bathroom art

When you buy wall art for your home, you don’t typically think of your bathroom but in 2022, design trends are starting to appreciate the addition of art in this room. You can use big statement pieces like framed photographic prints and add a touch of interest to your bathroom.

12.Statement sinks

People are beginning to have more fun with the main fixtures in a bathroom and exploring differently shaped and colour sinks. This adds a touch of whimsy to any bathroom and it’s a cost-effective way to stylize your bathroom. Classic white ceramics are out, and new decorative basins are in.

How long will my trendy bathroom renovation last?

All these things sound expensive don’t they, on top of the cost of the skilled bathroom renovations labour, you want to make sure that your investment will last. It’s estimated to have an average lifespan of around a decade before it needs any more additional tinkering. You could even extend this lifespan if you keep up with maintenance and regular plumbing inspections. You may even want to switch things up again as the style trends change over the years and ten years is a good benchmark to use when thinking about longevity.

How can I modernize my bathroom on a budget?

You may be overwhelmed with all the tips we’ve given you and don’t know where to begin. There are many ways to modernize your bathroom on a budget. You can use paint following the latest trends or even resort to other copycat ideas that are affordable.

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