Top Reasons Why Registered Nurse is a Great Career Choice

Working as a registered nurse can be a fantastic experience for those who have a strong desire to help others and work in various settings where medical attention and proper patient care are top priorities. It’s a profession that lets you protect lives, bring happiness to people and support those in need.

With responsibility come benefits, and nursing is undoubtedly a career that is rich with opportunities. The path to becoming a Registered Nurse might be difficult, but in the end, the gains and benefits you get make the expense of time and energy worth it.

Here are a few reasons why this is the perfect time for you to start your educational path toward a career in nursing.

Nursing Jobs Are In Demand.

The nursing career path is always on the rise. No matter which part of the world you are in, there won’t be a shortage of nursing jobs.

The employment rate of registered nurses in the next few years is expected to grow 16%—that’s faster than the average for all jobs. From the nation’s increased importance on health care to the increasing rate of chronic diseases like dementia and epilepsy, skilled nurses who can provide assistance to the needy are always in demand.

A few other reasons why nursing is in demand is because:

  • Retiree vacancies will offer thousands of new nursing career openings in the next few years.
  • Population is growing rapidly with increased endurance, and so does the need for more healthcare service professionals. More number of advanced practice nurses will be needed to provide health promotion and preventive care to an expanding population.
  • Rural healthcare programs will become available to those looking for employment opportunities in high need areas. Typically remote and outlying areas will see an increase in need with a desire to fill the vacant seats.

Becoming a nurse will not only ensure job opportunities, but it will also let you be part of the strong group of people working towards making healthcare available to everyone.

Outstanding Career Mobility.

Nursing is a diverse field, and nearly wherever you look, there’s a requirement for qualified healthcare professionals.

Registered Nurses now have the opportunity to pursue careers in both hospital and non-hospital settings. Choosing certain careers will give you more authority over your schedule, or you could even combine nursing with your passion. You could be treating people in emergency care, in community healthcare, or in a public healthcare setting. If you are more interested towards the law profession, you can be a nurse consultant. If teaching is more to your liking, you could be a health educator, training the new nursing students. The list is endless, and there’s something in the field for every caring and dedicated person out there.

Opportunity To Serve People.

The field of nursing provides you with a sense of attainment and satisfaction from treating people.

One of the main reasons why people opt for the nursing profession is to serve others and leave a positive influence on their lives. You will get the chance to treat, cure, and help patients in several ways. As a nurse, you make changes in the patient’s lives by providing first hand care and helping people in leading a better life. And you can do it in whatever way that fits your interests, needs and character.

The excitement of ‘helping out others,’ giving back to the community, and inspiring nationwide medical workers makes nursing an truly satisfying career path to pursue.

That’s a gratifying feeling that isn’t found in every profession and is surely something nurses can be proud of when dealing with an inevitable bumpy day at the hospital.

Nursing is one of the first professions that comes to mind when looking for ethical and honest work.

The Learning Opportunities Are Endless.

While every profession has its own difficulties, the demands of nursing can differ based on the setting. When it comes to a nurse’s life, each day offers a different challenge that keeps you learning and exuberant about the nursing profession. There’s always an opportunity to learn more and advance your career. With many nursing specializations to choose from, you’ll have challenges and so many opportunities to take on more significant responsibilities and possibly a salary to match.

Nurses often collaborate with many other medical workers. Sometimes, they also get the opportunity to lead the team by managing and coordinating people’s care or planning, implementing, and evaluating programmes. It’s a profession that offers a great deal of liberty and involves working with other healthcare professionals and leadership possibilities.

As a nurse, you’ll gain vital skills to take your knowledge beyond the nursing halls and into your daily experiences.

Summing Up

Though the reasons to choose a career as a registered nurse are limitless, the most significant reason for pursuing this path is the endless opportunity for nurses to save lives—a purpose that is so strong.

With the emergence of COVID-19, the requirements of nurses have come to an all-time high. With thousands of new job opportunities in the medical field, getting the right degree is all you need to explore, develop and earn more!

Think you are ready to begin a career as a registered nurse? Advancing your knowledge with an RN-BSN program degree from Labouré College is the first step on the road to a successful career.

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