Women’s Bathing Suit Tops

Different Types Of Women’s Bathing Suit Tops

Bathing suits for women have undergone a dramatic evolution from the 1920s to the 1940s. And not just then, even today the variety and range of women’s bathing suits are still changing and developing. The options that you get nowadays for women’s bathing suit tops and bottoms are endless. But have you ever thought about how do you start while choosing the bathing suit? Of course, the hunt starts with tops and ends at the bottoms. So here is a small guide about women’s bathing suit tops that will help you find the best one as per your body shape.


The bandeau is basically similar to tube tops. They have a sleek silhouette which is generally banded at the center. This particular women’s bathing suit top provides moderate coverage and is ideal for women who have small to medium busts. As it is made from one single piece of fabric, it tends to wrap around your chest. Many bandeaus come with underwire support to make the top more comfortable. So if you need some extra support and comfort then do consider buying the ones with underwire support.

One Shoulder Tops

One-shoulder tops are quite common these days. May it is in dresses or bathing suits, one shoulder is quite preferred by women of all shapes and sizes. Basically, one shoulder is a style that adds up some flair and style to the simple and straightforward bathing suit. One-shoulder tops technically provide better support than the bandeau. As these tops are known for drawing attention to the upper half, they might look flattering on women with pear-shaped body structure.

Halter Tops

Halter tops have various cuts in them and they come with creative neckties and clasps. These bathing tops are great for providing greater breast support, more coverage, and sensible style options. All the women that fall in the category of hourglass shapes and apple body shapes can go for it.

Triangle Tops

A Solid & Striped triangle bikinis top is made of two triangle-shaped pieces of cloth covering each breast. This particular type of woman bathing suit tops is also known as trikini. Talking about the support that these tops have, they provide moderate support all over. The straps are thin and versatile.


If you have large breasts and covering up maximum breast is your goal then nothing better than an underwire can help you out. These bathing suit tops can never be purchased as er the cup size. These tops need traditional bars to create a silhouette with underwire tops.


Tankini is a mix of bikini tops and one piece bathing suits for women. They have long cuts and are streamlined in the most classic way. Tankini gives minimal support but usually has skinny straps. The coverage given by tankini is maximum and it is perfectly ideal for women from 0 to 100. Tankinis are extended versions of tops that can further give an illusion of one piece. So if you are someone who likes taking long baths and needs flexibility in the mind, the tankini is the one for you.

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