Be Healthy (and Green) at the Office

Be Healthy (and Green) at the Office

Of late, much attention has been given to stressful work environments, especially with the rise of hybrid work models. With more and more people turning to the gig economy, freelancing and remote work, a hot debate has been developing on whether office work is worth the fuss.

Fixed working hours aside, it is a well-known fact that working in the same environment every day can become troublesome and, for another, not all office spaces are equally pleasant.

It may seem out of the blue, but some simple details can actually make the office a much more pleasant place to spend time in – like, for example, walls painted in pleasant, light, pastel tones, big windows, some office plants, and a cleverly arranged design.

Of course, there is so much more to being healthy and green at the office, but we will start with simple tips that everyone can consider and see how to improve the overall mood at the office.

Improve Your Office Space

As already mentioned, office design plays an important role in employee mood. Even a cramped office space can be made more pleasant with some simple tips. Getting rid of clutter comes first; setting up efficient desks (standing desks included – they’re quite helpful with leg cramps) comes second.

Add some nice painting to the walls and choose a couple of office plants and you’ll immediately feel better.

Don’t feel limited just to that, though. Add a personal touch. Bring a photo of your loved ones or of your pet or some nice painting – whatever makes you happy and relaxed will do. Look up ideas online if you don’t know where to start; getting your office more comfortable really isn’t that difficult at all!

Eat Healthier Meals

There’s that thing about desks – sooner or later they start accumulating snacks. Over time, some people even develop the habit of eating lunch at the desk, which is one practice that should not take root.

It may seem like a logical thing, but many people actually overlook a simple fact – putting a bowl with fresh fruit on a desk can make your office look merrier and also help you develop healthy eating habits.

On that note, think through your lunch breaks. For too many people, these are just an interruption of the workflow when they grab a bite or two of whichever food is handy and rush back to work.

This is a huge no-go!

Bad habits are difficult to get rid of, not to mention that eating fast food every day can end up causing serious health issues in the long run.

Albeit we’re quite sure everyone has heard this mantra already, still it’s worth reiterating: eat a balanced diet and enjoy your lunch breaks to the fullest. This is to say: include whole grains, fruit, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, lean meat in your diet, and don’t forget to eat fruit instead of unhealthy snacks.

Finally, avoid food rich in sugar and salt, but treating yourself from time to time is also acceptable. Just don’t make it a habit!


Set Better Goals

Set up a sustainability team and make sure to set healthy goals as well. Use all the befits you can – company gym, for example.

It is also a good idea to set OKRs so you can track the progress. Proper OKRs should be realistic and measurable, so start small. E.g., you can walk a bit more every day or ride your bicycle to the job and start including healthier food little by little.

Anything that works for you is fine as long as there is steady progress.

Walk Whenever, Wherever You Can

Let’s face it – pretty much all of us sit too much. Health issue aside, this routine also makes us lazier, so it is always a good idea to walk as much as you can – take the stairs instead of the elevator or walk to work.

Even if your office is far away from your home, you can still be more eco-friendly. I.e., consider buying an EV – and take advantage of EV federal incentives.

Learn More Online

Last but not least, consider continual learning. Nowadays, there are sources and sources on pretty much any topic imaginable; health and ecology aren’t an exception. Consider eLearning options and learn how you can become more eco-friendly while at the same time enjoying a healthier and more enjoyable life.

You can also subscribe to daily tips and meet like-minded people online (forums, social media pages and groups, etc.).

Be Persistent and Success Is Bound to Follow

It is important to not try doing everything at once, especially if you have many harmful habits. Even though eating healthy food is always a change for the better, immediate shifts can prove too drastic for your body and mind.

Rather, set OKRs to include small steps towards a big victory and fine-tune your habits one at a time. In this way, you’ll get to enjoy the progress and improvise as you learn more about things you enjoy. Speaking of which – that is the bottom line: to enjoy your new lifestyle.

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