Things to do when you are on probation

Finding and starting a new job is an overwhelming experience as it takes a lot of time and efforts to get one and then start working. When you have found your dream job and you are on probation for a DUI case or any other, lots of things might be intimidating you. Consider following points to play safe:

1. Understand policies of the organisation:

As you have become a part of an organisation, you must comprehend the mission and work policy. You should know what actually matters for the company and what it is trying to achieve. When you understand the policies of the company, you can easily do what you are expected to do. This way, your probation period can complete successfully. Read the employment contract carefully so that you can know about the policies that might affect you later on.

2. Own your mistakes:

As a matter of fact, you learn a lot in your probation period and this is what this time is meant for. So, making mistakes is common and your employer also doesn’t expect perfection from you. When you are at the initial stage and you have not understood the working of the company well, you will make mistakes. The problem arises when you don’t own up to your mistakes and start acting defensive. It is better to admit the mistake and promise to never repeat them. This will make your impression good.

3. Try to remain punctual:

It is your right to get sick leave but in the probation period, it might not be in your favour. Unless you are bedridden, try to refrain from going on leave. Some companies have this policy to not allow temporary employees to take leave.

Employers generally observe the behaviour of the workers and if they they see you are punctual, they tend to consider you for the job.

4. Be confident:

Confidence is the main thing that everyone must have at workplace during the probation period. Even the confident people lose it because they feel they are being monitored and tested. Remember that even if you are being tested, you can make mistakes as it is also a part of a learning process that you can never ignore.

Demonstrate confidence and never let anyone at the workplace overpower you as this is what you are teaching others as to how they should treat you.

5. Know your rights:

it is an important fact that many people don’t consider just because they need this job and they want to be considered at any cost. Knowing your rights and obligations can make you behave professionally and you will never be exploited. As soon as you start your job, get information about all the entitlements. Know what can make your boss terminate your job. This way, you can make things easy for you and prevent unnecessary hardships. Caroline Kennedy can help you to determine your employment rights.

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