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Beat Production: How to Make the Perfect Beat

Making beats can seem like a real task as one music producer has to have his rhythm and vibration all focused on producing the best beats for an ultimate song itself. It is quite the deal for the culture and art movement -hip hop. Amateur producers buy drums and other instruments to focus on producing beats, which can make a career out of interest for them, getting linked up with all the topmost artists, as everyone wants a bomb beat featuring their song. While it’s usually very intimidating and confusing initially, while some may even want to quit their journey of beat making based on how their very first beat turned out, the important thing for all the music producers out there to know is that it is important to hang in there for the time being while letting time, experience and advice from this article do its magic to one’s beat-making skills. 

This is how you can set on your beat-making journey:

  1. Get the trusted DAW or any good software to produce beats.
  2. It is recommended to start with the drum groove element or the music one.
  3. Once the first element has been completed and sounds quite right, later add on the second element synchronized with the first. 
  4. Try enlarging the whole beat into an entire song, while in each section, adding a twist or a drop and altering it a little by adding a new rhythm or taking away one of the elements used in making the whole element or the section.
  5. Variations are quite the deal here with percussion, interesting transitions, as well as magical effects.
  6. Lastly, fine-tune the whole song intended to be composed by making it one whole rhythmic groove, but making sure the groove is seemingly single, without the interruption of any transitional drum effects.

How Do the Instruments and Other Variations Like Drums Add to the Overall Beat?

Variation and repetition are quite the theories and keys of music. Variation is what tunes in the listener to the very end, making it quite vital. Structured music is what stays on the listener’s mind, giving them the urge to listen to it again and again, while for the music to have structure, it needs to have repetition. The music producers who buy drums find the perfect line between the repetition and variation for the perfect beat to come out. Still, above all, the result should abide by every music producer’s guidelines of being easily accessible to every non-listener. 

To create a unique beat, one does not have to listen to the popular mixes and music out there to match the levels, but it might help you find what makes a beat terrific, as it is obvious that every song has its uniqueness in the beats altogether. This is why one should be in all their feels and just get onto making the beat. However, speaking of hip hop, the music can be broken down into many elements like a kick, a snare, high-frequency percussion, and lastly, the melody. While these are all it takes for the rhythm of the music to be formed, it can be mixed and matched based on one’s preference and type of song. Playing along the lines of what works best after or before each other is also a way to get closer to making the perfect beat

The Bass

Putting aside the effects of the drum, the bass, in particular, helps to tone out and specify the progressive chordings of the beats. The progression of the chords one would like to use in their beat mix can either be singular (just one of the following obtaining a lot of hip hop) or completely linear, on the other hand, with multiple mixes of different genres. 

The most popular and common type of bass beat one could potentially listen to now and then is the distorted type of decaying wave, similar to a sine.

It is also recommended to add some additional notes to the following kick drums, aside from the simple regular used base notes. This not only additionals momentum to the following groove but makes the bassline quite definitive as well. 

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