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Begin End of Life Planning with These Guides

Culturally, we spend a lot of time thinking about our future. Plans, aspirations, and goals have always been at the forefront of our thinking. For most of us, no one ever took the time to have the painfully intimate conversation of what to expect when making arrangements for the end of life. It becomes even more frustrating as if there should be any time for us to focus on our relaxation – it would be now.

In fact, there is a laundry list of unforeseen things that we need to handle and we may not always have an idea of how much time we have to handle them. That’s why we’ve put together this list of guides to help you keep you on track, and lift some of the worries so that you can focus on some of the more important things. These guides are made available online through Lantern end of life planning.

End of Life Documentation to Ensure Wishes

As we prepare our transition from this life, oftentimes there are terms we want to make sure are met. Whether it is ensuring organ and tissue donation, financial documentations, or ensuring that certain medical desires are respected.

These matters are difficult insofar as they involve several factors.This guide helps you understand which documents will require notarization, who will need to have them, and how to ensure that there are no loose ends that could cause complications later on. This will allow you to ensure that you have handled the most difficult decisions, and remove potential conflict from the paths of your loved ones.

Closing Online Accounts

The internet is a wide place – and we can leave marks on it that could last forever. This guide details how you can navigate the accounts you may have opened over the years and ensure that they are properly closed. This can ensure that your information is secure and appropriately deleted, and also allow for you to collect and dispense any information or pictures that you would want to make sure are shared.

Additionally, this will also help you ensure that any services are cancelled and prevent undue fees from taking away from your finances, removing an additional task that your estate may find painful in your absence.

How To Comfort The Sad, Grieving, or Hurting

Explaining what is happening to those in your life — whether they were only an acquaintance, a lifelong friend, or a beloved family member — can cause them to go through a variety of emotions in just a short period of time.

This guide details how to help those who you confide in to better understand the situation, and to control the conversation. This allows you to avoid causing unintended pain and explain how you feel.

Planning Eco-Friendly Funerals

We all want to leave a mark on the world in one way or another – but we want to make sure that it is in a positive way. This guide details how to ensure that your plans are ecologically sound and do not cause harm to future generations.

Advance Care Planning: Documenting your Healthcare Wishes

This guide details the necessities for ensuring your medical and hospice needs are met to your specifications. These include matters like DNR requests, hospice plans, and contingency plans should anything change. These are very important in the instance that you should ever lose your ability to speak or clearly communicate.

Additionally, it will help you understand things like setting up a living will or administering power of attorney.

Planning a Funeral on a Budget

Even if money isn’t a concern, many of us would rather see our funds go towards our family or meaningful causes. This guide helps you to navigate where we may reduce unnecessary spending during funeral arrangements.

There is no denying how difficult it is to go through planning the ending of a life, whether it is your own or of a loved one. However, you will never have to do it alone. The guides listed above are only scratching the surface of what is offered. Take some time to review the site and its library of information so that you may move forward with confidence and peace.

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