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What a Free Birth Chart Report with California Psychics can Tell You

Whether you are really into reading your horoscope and visit animal psychics for your beloved pet, or you do not know much about psychic readings, there is a lot of information that you can glean from your birth chart. Some individuals view birth chart readings as their guide to life, but it can also be a fun way to find out surprising things about you and your astrological sign. When you meet with a California psychic, you never know what things you will learn.

What a Birth Chart Is

You may know what your zodiac sign is, but you can find out a whole lot more about your specific personality, motivation, and ambitions when you take a closer look at your birth chart. This chart, also known as a natal chart, represents the position of the planets, the sun, and the moon on the exact day and time you were born. To get an accurate birth chart report, you will need to tell the psychic your birthdate, location of birth, and exact time of birth.

Sun Sign

Your sun sign, also known as the star sign, represents your overall personality, and it plays a significant role in major changes of your life. Because the sun is seen as a lifegiving entity, it drives your actions, energy, and force. Learning more about your sun sign will help you see your identity and purpose.

Moon Sign

While the sun sign is front and center, the moon sign stays more in the background. It represents your inner self and defines your inner traits. You may be wondering, what are inner traits? These are traits that you may guard in front of other people and only identify when you are in private. The moon sign is in charge of your mood and feelings. Your moon sign gives you a better idea of what you need to feel secure, comfortable, and safe.

Rising Sign

Another thing that a birth chart shows is your rising sign. This represents the part of the zodiac that appeared at the exact time you were born. Some see this sign as something that affects your temporary personality. It represents your outer approach and how you first appear to others when they initially meet you.

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Learn About a Deeper You by Reading Your Birth Chart

If you have ever been to a psychic for love or read your horoscope, and you feel like you only connect to some of the information, it is probably because they are based on the general traits of a zodiac sign. When you take a close look at your birth chart, you have a greater understanding as to who you are.

Your personality traits, inner fears, driving ambitions, and how you love all become much clearer when you explore your life based on what your birth chart tells you. Because they have a more in-depth understanding of zodiac signs, birth charts, and other astrological information, California psychics can be a great source, whether you are looking for love advice, general guidance, or career direction.

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