Best Laptops For Film Students

Best Laptops For Film Students

IndieWire editors independently select all products and services to be featured. The retailer may receive certain auditable data from IndieWire if orders are placed through the retailer’s links, and IndieWire may receive commissions for orders placed through its retail links. Many laptops are available on the market now, which may make filmmakers and film students puzzled about selecting the right model. It is a blessing for film editors that there are plenty of high-quality laptops to choose from.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or an experienced filmmaker, you’ll be doing multiple tasks a lot by using laptops for YouTube. Therefore, the right laptop for multimedia work including audio and video rendering won’t overheat or wear out too quickly. This list of the five best laptops for filmmakers covers a range of price points and capabilities to assist you in your search. In addition to gaming, many of these notebooks can also be used to stream videos and check social media. They include brands such as Dell, HP, and Apple.

How to Buy the Best Laptop for Film Students

The school should most importantly use either Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere. You have fewer options (but they will be a bit costly) if it is the latter. At the end of this post, I’ll explain cheaper options for Final Cut Pro as well as which Mac model you need, so you can go right to it if you know you’re going to work with it. You can use any beast laptop from the budget laptop for adobe creative cloud.


The determining factor for a project taking a day as opposed to a few hours is time. It is important to learn two concepts about processors before choosing one for film editing: Frequency(Hz) indicates how many simultaneous operations each core can handle. Physical cores (dual, quad, Hexa) work like “separate CPUs” within a computer, helping the computer process tasks more efficiently through shared loads. All of your CPU’s cores cannot be utilized by all operations, and most programs only make use of one core.

Storage of Best Laptop

In case you don’t have enough RAM to store all your footage, your computer will process it from your storage drive. The performance may be slowed (although it is not significant). Fast storage drives will still be useful to film editors. Hard disk drives, the old and slow bricks we are used to, are the most common type of storage. Especially the film editing industry is too slow these days. An HDD can also contribute to jerky playback/dropped frames, as well as increased times between operations.

Despite their capacity and cheap price, these are truly amazing products. Any serious filmmaker now uses Solid State Drives as the de facto standard. SSDs are x17 faster than HDDs at reading/writing than the fastest ones (PCIe NVMe SSDs), which are the ones that most professionals choose. A rendering system with high clock frequencies and several cores will also benefit rendering.

Multicores Support

Third-party benchmark studies have found that multi-core CPUs provide a greater benefit to exporting than frequency (the maximum number of cores for 1080p and 10 for 4K videos). The process of rendering, on the other hand, is usually more complicated. Occasionally, it can be made faster by utilizing more cores, but this rarely happens. Video quality can also affect performance. So, unless you believe that 2 cores are worth anything, you should be looking for a quad-core or 6-core processor. For more information, feel free to check out the studies conducted by budget systems.

How to choose the best video editing laptops for you

There are a few things you need to consider when choosing a video editing laptop. Obviously, you need to consider your budget. You need to know how you’ll use it — obviously, you will be editing videos, but does that simply mean trimming the video in 720p? Do you intend to edit massive 4K projects? Choosing the right system depends on your answer.

We recommend starting out with a cheap gaming laptop if you are interested in video editing as a hobby. It will provide you with some decent power, so you can determine if you want to continue editing videos. A professional who needs an editing laptop with the best display will have to pay a pretty penny for a laptop with a sharper display.

Final Words

In reality, if your school uses the latter, which is actually final cut pro x, your options become a lot greater. If it is the former, there is no choice although it isn’t worth the trouble or time investment to build a mackintosh machine. On the market, there are few gadgets specifically designed for filmmaking students. In addition to choosing powerful workstations for film editing professionals, students should make an effort to select a more holistic set of gadgets. Moreover, each of these 9 gadgets was carefully selected for its price, academic and professional worth, and even leisure interests.

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