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Best Multiplayer Games to Play Together With Your Girlfriend

To say that only male audiences are interested in video games is just as wrong as to say that only children play them. Let’s leave these stereotypes in the last century, where they come from: girls play as often as guys and are quite capable of smashing them in Mortal Kombat or even Counter-Strike. But when it comes to playing together with your girlfriend, you should choose the game carefully. We’ve put together a selection of games for you to play as a couple. These games will teach you how to work in a team, give you strong emotions, or even allow you to find out who is washing the dishes today! But what if you don’t have a girlfriend right now? You can meet one of the beautiful single European girls online!

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

An undemanding cooperative game about space bunnies exploring a galaxy full of dangers in a spaceship. After seeing bright and funny characters and getting comfortable with simple controls, you may decide that Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime will be an easy walk for you. But don’t jump to conclusions! To defeat the evil interstellar monsters, you will have to make quick decisions and learn how to work as a team.

Opponents attack from different directions, which means that you will have to move around the interior of the ship in order to take control of the guns from the desired side. Some of you will have to control the ship, some will have to press the trigger and carefully coordinate their actions. The game offers co-op for up to four players but is perfectly balanced for two. Take care of your ship, fight bravely, and let the Power of Love help you defeat all evil monsters and bring peace and quiet to the galaxy!

Divinity: Original Sin 1 and 2

If you are looking for a RPG to play with a girl, you simply cannot find a better option. In the first part of Divinity: Original Sin, there are two protagonists at once, who go through a common storyline. They have different outlooks on life and approach to problem-solving, and goals do not always coincide, so you have to find a compromise in all controversial situations. You can even try to start a love relationship between the characters, the game has such an opportunity. Going through the game alone, you control both heroes, while in the cooperative game mode, each player takes control of only one. In the second game, you may divide your party of four between you and a GF.


If your girlfriend loves competitive games, try Blizzard’s team shooter. At the moment, Overwatch’s gameplay is focused on 6v6 PvP battles. The game has many characters with different playstyles, and not all of them require Korean reaction and aiming, some in order to damage the enemy or heal and protect allies. Overwatch is rich in effective character combinations such as Pharah + Merscy or Anna + Genji, and once mastered together, you will destroy the entire enemy team. At least at low and medium ranks, it works!

But if you don’t feel like fighting against other players, stay tuned for the news from Blizzard. Overwatch 2 has already been announced, and unlike the first, this game will focus on co-op and story-driven PvE missions. A well-thought-out world, bright and diverse characters, excellent graphics, and dynamic gameplay – this game will give you a sea of ​​emotions, and each joint victory will strengthen your relationship.

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