Different Categories of Hackers

Best Ways To Stop Hackers

These days, hackers are a business owner’s worst enemy. Hacking has become a major issue during COVID-19 especially with the rise of remote work, so it is vital that business owners know how they can stop hackers in their tracks. Hackers will attempt to gain access to important company data that could then ruin the business in a number of different ways. Contending with hackers can be daunting as they are using increasingly advanced tactics, but the good news is that there are a number of steps that you can take that will stop hackers and protect your business from malicious attacks.

Use A Password Policy

More often than not a hacker is able to gain access to sensitive data by guessing a password with a brute force attack or working out what the password is. This is why you need to create a password policy that will include making sure that employees are using complex passwords and changing these on a regular basis.

Use 2FA (2-Factor Authentication)

Following on from this, you should also use 2FA to add another layer of defense to accounts. In addition to a password, this means having to pass another check to gain access to accounts. This could include a one-use code that is sent to a linked phone or email address, answering a security question, or the use of biometrics.

Use Advanced Cybersecurity Products

It is also important to use advanced cybersecurity products that can prevent hackers from gaining access, such as firewalls that will act as a barrier between your network and any unauthorized network traffic (hackers). Watchguard products are among the best and can be used to create strong cybersecurity protection against the latest tactics and scams used by hackers.

Train Staff To Spot Social Engineering

Social engineering is a major issue in the business world as instead of using advanced tech, hackers will instead attempt to trick staff into revealing sensitive data or providing hackers with access to accounts. The most common example of this is phishing attacks, which usually involves a hacker sending an email attempting to disguise themselves as a reputable company and asking for sensitive data, such as login details or bank information. It is important to provide staff training so that staff are able to spot social engineering and avoid falling victim to these kinds of attacks.

Keep Software Up To Date

It is easy to ignore notifications to update your software, but this can create vulnerabilities and could leave you exposed to hackers. This is because these updates often include important security upgrades that can protect you against the latest cybersecurity threats. This is why you and your team need to update software when it becomes available even if this means disrupting your workflow.

These are a few of the best ways to protect your business against hackers. Hackers are a massive threat to all business owners in today’s day and age, but it is possible to protect your company and data so that you can stop them in their tracks and continue as normal with your operation.

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