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Unusual Foods You Can Make With a Waffle Iron

If you want to make your cuisine more creative and exciting, the frying pan is already being used, or you just don’t want to heat up the home, the waffle iron is one of our preferred kitchen alternatives. Waffle irons, formerly considered a single-use gadget unsuitable for anybody who didn’t create waffles daily, are today appreciated by imaginative chefs and space-constrained home cooks alike. Continue reading to learn about things you didn’t realize you could make with your waffle maker.

  1. Rice fried in oil

If you like the crispy pieces of rice that form at the bottom of the pan after preparing fried rice, this information is for you! You may reheat leftover rice on the waffle iron or prepare fried rice from scratch — just keep in mind that fresh rice won’t become as crispy as reheated rice.

  1. Hash browns

Put some frozen potato gems in your waffle maker, and you’ll have restaurant-style hash browns in no time. It’s a quicker method to prepare potatoes for morning tea, but for optimal results, let the potato gems defrost for a few minutes before waffling.

  1. Pizza

You can now prepare everyone’s favorite meal with a waffle iron. In the iron, arrange a thin layer of dough, cheese, sauce, and your selection of toppings, before adding a second layer of dough. Close the lid and continue to monitor until the dough is thoroughly cooked through.

  1. Bacon

In your waffle machine, you can cook some nice and crispy bacon. Simply keep a watchful eye and remove the bacon from the waffle iron when it has reached the required color and crispiness. The most excellent part about frying bacon in a waffle machine is that no oil or splatters are left behind.

  1. Cinnamon Buns

The grid pattern on the final cinnamon rolls is the most pleasing thing in creating cinnamon rolls with a waffle maker. When you sprinkle icing on top, the indentations deliciously catch all the icings.

  1. Crab Cakes

Some individuals have strong feelings regarding what should and should not be included in crab cakes. While we like all types of crab cakes, those without breading on the exterior cook nicely on a waffle iron. Breading burns rapidly, so if you prepare a breaded crab cake, choose the low heat setting if your waffle machine has it, and certainly keep an eye on the patties while they cook.

  1. Fritters made with sweet potatoes

Mash sweet potato with eggs and spices after cooking it until it’s tender to the touch. Put it in the waffle maker, and you’ll have a potato waffle which you can eat at any time of day. Combine nutmeg, cinnamon, and maple syrup to increase the sweetness—season with cayenne pepper, curry powder, turmeric, and salt and pepper.

  1. Chicken grilled

It’s never been simpler to make chicken! All you require is a waffle machine, olive oil, and chicken to avoid a messy clean-up. Season the chicken with spices, then put several chicken breasts in the waffle iron at a time and press until thoroughly cooked.

  1. Omelet with Veggies

You just need eggs, milk, and sliced veggies for this. In a waffle machine, you can cook an omelet rather well, and you only need to make sure your vegetables are diced thin enough to fit in the crevices.


These are among the unusual dishes that can be prepared using a waffle iron. This article demonstrates how flexible a waffle machine can be. So, what are you holding out for? Take out your credit card and go online to purchase a waffle iron for your kitchen.

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