Best Party Themes for Grown Ups

There are many party themes available to suit the tastes of the adult crowd. You can celebrate a grown up birthday with a honey theme, or even plan a wedding or engagement party with a bee-themed celebration. Either theme will be a good fit for any type of adult-themed party. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Best Party Themes 

The Disney movie ‘Frozen’ is one of the most popular themes for a party, and it’s not hard to see why. Shades of blue, white, and silver are obvious choices for decorations, and you’ll need plenty of glitter, too. You can use blue jelly cubes for ice cubes, white chocolate strawberries for Anna’s frozen hearts, and pretzel sticks for Sven’s antlers.

Party Themes Inspired by Food & Drink

A great way to get your guests involved and interested in the party is to choose a theme special in a college dorm room party. Consider a James Bond party. Theme your party with a signature Martini, a Vegas-like atmosphere, and elegant appetizers. Alternatively, you can try the theme of a murder mystery, where you hire actors and cool props. This theme is best for extroverted groups that like audience interaction and performance. For the food, you can choose to serve a full meal or a simple cheese and wine spread.

Soup is another theme that’s perfect for an adult party. It’s easy to make and your friends can bring their favorite soup to share. Soup parties are perfect for cooler months and can feature a soup bar. Adding candles will set a cozy mood and give your guests something to eat. You can also set up a painting table or a wine bar so that guests can express their artistic side while enjoying the drinks.

Host a Wine Tasting Party

Host a Wine Tasting Party for grown ups! The theme is fun and can be customized to suit the needs of your party guests. You can use scorecards for the wine tasting event. Make sure they have a grid so they can write down comments and rate each wine. You can also get them printed out using a free template online. Be sure to choose a design that reflects the wine tasting theme.


Before the event, prepare for the party. You need enough wine glasses for everyone to taste each wine. Make sure each guest has a new glass for each wine. Renting the glasses may be necessary to keep the event running smoothly. Make sure to rinse the glassware after each taste, as any residual water can affect the wine’s flavor. Host a Wine Tasting Party for grown ups!

Host a Beer Tasting Party

When planning a beer tasting party for grown ups, think beyond the alcoholic beverage itself. Consider the variety of beers and their preparation. What about blind tasting? How do you describe the flavors of each beer? What are the distinct qualities? Which ones are sweeter, more malty, or more sour? How about thick or thin? Warm flavors are typically described as “vodka,” “esters,” “heat,” and “pungent.”

To get your guests excited, start by preparing a few games. A new twist on a childhood game, “I’m Going to the Bar,” involves sitting in a circle and saying the names of drinks from the bar. Next, each person adds a new drink to the list. A few games to keep the party going include “Straight Face” and “Defy Gravity.” Don’t forget about table covers, get it from wholesale table covers.

Host a Scotch Tasting Party

How to Host a Scotch Tapping Party for grown ups? You’ll need the right glassware. Choose tulip-shaped glasses to allow your guests to really take in the aroma. Mini-tulips are even better! Snifters are also acceptable, but smaller glasses encourage people to really taste the whiskey. A mini-tulip can be the perfect accent to your party.


To make your event as upscale as possible, choose whisky glasses that are tulip-shaped. You’ll also need two glasses of water. One should be non-carbonated, and the other must be room temperature. It is a good idea to use spring or filtered water. Regardless of what you decide, you’ll have a good time! Just make sure to keep your smarty pants on, because everyone is bound to have an opinion.


Creating your own costume party requires a lot of DIY supplies. Invite guests to dress up in costume and hold a costume competition. Another party theme idea is a “When I grow up” party, which asks guests to dress up as their favorite childhood occupation. This party is fun even when it’s not Halloween, since you can dress as your favorite character! The choices are endless. Just make sure to send an email to invite everyone.

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