Best Series and Shows to Watch on Netflix Today

Best Netflix Series to Binge-Watch Right Now

Netflix is no doubt the best content provider across the world for movies and TV series. Here, there is always something for everyone ranging from blockbuster films to high-ranking shows. If you have a family with little kids, you are sorted with a wide variety of the best creations from Disney. For lovers of binge-watching, you can consider the list below for some of the best series currently available on Netflix.

Sweet Tooth

This is an inspiration from Jeff Lemire, the author of the comic ‘Sweet Tooth’ book. This book describes the aftermath of a pandemic virus that almost wiped out the human population. One of the impacts was that children were born with both animal and human characteristics. A specific character in this Netflix series is Gus, who has both human and deer traits. He sets out on a journey away from the wilderness to look for his mother. His search journey is defined by a revelation of what befell humans during the pandemic and the cause of the plague.

The Chair

If you are into comedy, The Chair will have you glued to your screen. The series is set in the English department of the fictional Pembroke University. You can compare it to Yale or Harvard. The department seeks to appoint the first female chair, a role which is taken up by Sandra Oh, who plays Ji-Yoon Kim. This character happens to be a woman of color, just like a few other women in the department. Her role is rather difficult since she has to navigate and manage her colleagues, who are essentially old,white men.

Chef’s Table

Freedom of selection is one of the perks of watching TV series online, discussed at With Netflix offering a diverse range of genres of movies. They also offer cooking programs which will please food fanatics. The Chef’s Table is a series purely about food, and in every episode, you will encounter the creative works of top chefs in the world. If you are passionate about food, you can draw most of your inspiration from watching Chef’s Table. The series features six seasons, and if you prefer baking, you can fast forward to season four. In other seasons, you will come across Darrio Cecchini and Sean Brock, who are renowned chefs.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

This is among the most remarkable television series that has graced the screens. It is also a critically acclaimed animated show of recent times and arguably the most likable kids’ show of all time. Watching Avatar serves you all the drama in a single show, including love, wonder, imagination, thrill, danger, misery, redemption, and humor. The story revolves around the need to end world domination by the Fire Nation. Aang is the young Avatar who takes up this role to bring together his companions and maintain world balance. The episodes are packed with intense action that will keep you entertained throughout.

Money, Explained

Released in May 2021, this is another exciting and informative series that features a conversation about money and its many minefields. Among the ventures that have been covered include casinos which come as no surprise as this industry has seen significant growth over the years. Their expert team has reviewed and listed some of the best providers, including information on your favorite casino games, as well as tips and guides on how to play with free spins offers and other bonuses for players to enjoy. Unlike The series also depicts the various ways in which people fall for financial schemes. Some episodes give insight into how banks use credit cards to maximize profits.

Bo Burnham: Inside

Since the pandemic hit the world population, many countries-imposed lockdowns to manage the ongoing issues This series features Bo Burnham, an American comedian, and singer who has done an incredible job of reflecting on what life has been under lockdown. This masterpiece is hysterical yet deep as Burnham goes out of his way to outline the effects of isolation in the internet age and the mental impacts it had, including anxiety and depression. Since the coronavirus pandemic is still here with us, the series is essential, just like it will be in the future.

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