Why are usernames as important as passwords and how do you choose the best ones?

We live in a digital era where our online presence reflects our personality, lifestyle, and reputation. And, may it be social media platforms or may it be business platforms, the first impressions of the visitors, who can be our potential clients or customers matters a lot.

The user name is one of the things that creates first impressions on the visitor. But, do we give that importance to selecting a unique or compelling user name? Well, the recent surveys say no.

Most of the users spend less than 5 seconds in deciding a user name whereas it takes more than a minute for an average person to set a password. Besides, most of us go with the random usernames recommended by the platform with alphanumeric digits. If you are one of these people, here is what you must know!

Significance of user names

Your user name is the identification of you or your brand. It is a crucial part of brand building that requires a unique digital profile that specifically represents your reputation and the quality of your brand among others. But, there are a lot more importance to the user names which makes them as important as the passwords, some of them include

  • User names can be used to make an entire profile and eventually an entire brand as well.
  • Most of your potential customers will come again looking at your user name.
  • Social media platforms that serve as the faster means of driving traffic need your user name to be intact and unique to identify easily.
  • A user name can make your brand stand out from the competition if you can make it unique, thus reducing your competition.
  • A clean yet unique username helps your audience trust you as a brand.

All of these are crucial for both businesses and individuals which is why user names should be given the same importance as passwords while setting up an account.

6 essential tips to make perfect usernames

  1. Try building a user name by playing with the words of your name or your company.
  2. Combine multiple things that represent your business or as an individual.
  3. Make sure the user name complements the theme of your company in the best way.
  4. You can also go for numbers, but even the numbers should help to identify your account from the rest of all.
  5. User names can also be a combination of multiple things such as motto or the favorite things, and you can also use a specific random username generator from https://usernamegenerator.me. It is way secure and has a wide collection of user names compared to the inbuilt recommendation from the social media platforms.
  6. A memorable or a fancy set of digits can also make a proper user name together if shaped in the right way.

6 mistakes that most people do, but you must avoid

  1. Never, ever use your full name or phone number
  2. Avoid using your email user ID
  3. Don’t use the same password and user name combination
  4. Never go for a way funkier user name that people find difficult to understand
  5. Don’t use way simpler user name which makes the intruders easier to track and attach
  6. Your user name and password should have no relations even in a single number if possible

So, from now on, give some time to finalize a user name and then give equal importance to the password which could be anything as it won’t be visible to others. Hopefully, these tips and precautions will help you choose the best user name and benefit you as it intends.

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