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Best Tips To Choose Nude Lipstick Shade For Your Natural Skin Tone & Lip Color

Finding the right nude lipstick shade from piles of different shades for your natural skin tone and lip color can be overwhelming. Nude lipstick can never go wrong, but truthfully some nude shades will look good on you.

The versatile and earthy warm texture of nude lipstick provides you with a beautiful vibe and complements your glamorous smokey eye. Shades that can easily stand out and give a natural look are preferable to getting your pink lips nude.

Since not all nude lipstick shades suit all skin tones and undertones, you need to carefully choose the best one for your lip. If you go with too warm shade, you will end with a lip that may look like a beige foundation, while too cool shades can make your complexion washed out.

However, if you nail the right nude lipstick shade, it will revive your dull lips and make them chic and subtle. But how to choose the right nude lipstick shade? Here are well-versed tips for selecting the right shade so that you can avoid a beauty faux pas.

Choose Nude Lipstick Shade based on your skin tone.

Here is a handy guide to choosing the right lipstick shade according to your natural skin tone so that both can complement each other.

Olive skin tone: For light and fair skin, you should choose a little darker shade to make your lips stand out. Selecting a soft shade won’t help you create a bold definition. Pick nude pink lipstick to define your lips with its vibrant texture.

Fair skin tone: Go for nude lipstick with a hint of pink to avoid being washed out. Avoid picking tan nude lipstick and ensure that your lipstick has a soft texture for this tone.

Dark skin tone: Most people choose a light color for dark stone tones. But you should avoid light shades as nude lipsticks are sheer. Go for a little darker shade than your skin tone so that it can blend with your natural skin tone and make your lips noticeable.

Medium skin tone: If you have a skin tone that is neither fair nor dark nor in the medium range, you should pick nude lipstick with golden hue shades. Be sure to choose a little darker shade than your natural skin tone to distinguish your lips from the rest of the body.

Alabaster skin tone: Pick soft and dusty nude pink lipstick to get the perfect pink lip texture. Its smooth matte finish will embrace your milky and fair skin complexion, giving you a perfect look to be the center of focus on any occasion.

Light skin tone: Ladies with olive undertone and light skin tone should wear warm nude shades for a sharp and bold effect. You can also pick nude pink lipstick or beige shade for a sun-kissed look on your skin.

Tan skin tone: If you have tan skin tone, it’s best to go with a shimmery and glossy nude shade to get a natural makeup look. This shade will also complement your smokey eye and lighter hair because of its perfectly nude texture, allowing you to play up with your tan skin tone.

Mocha skin tone: With this skin tone, you have many options to give your lips a perfect and natural definition. You can pick nude pink lipstick with a light rosy shade and goldy flecks to add a little gloss to your beloved lips. Be sure to go with a nude lipstick that can lock moisturization in your lips for more vibrant and plump lips.

Caramel skin tone: Look for bronzes shade and add a touch of line and little gloss to define your lips. This shade will perfectly blend with caramel skin tone and give you a salon-like makeup look without overpowering the makeup.

Choose Nude Lipstick Shade based on your natural lip color.

Do you know that your natural lip color is also a deciding factor in choosing the best nude lipstick? Nude lipstick is not all about flattering your skin tone; instead, it’s a way to add a more glamor, rich look while giving you natural makeup. The natural lip color of your lips also plays a significant role in deciding how your lipstick finally looks.

If you have a lot of natural pigmentation in the lips, you will face more difficulty choosing the right nude shade. It is an excellent choice to select an identical or lighter nude shade than your natural lip color. It’s best to choose the opposite shade in nude lipstick to neutralize the natural lip color. Choose a nude lipstick with a bit of peach and gold shade so that the blue color in your lip is balanced by yellow, and your lipstick looks lighter than your lip tone.

Choose Nude Lipstick Shade that can blend with your makeup.

Now, you are ready to pick the best lipstick shade based on your skin tone and lip color, but this procedure doesn’t end here. You also need to match your lipstick shade with the rest of your makeup; otherwise, there is no purpose for a nude lipstick.

Wearing nude lipstick is not only a fantastic feeling; it’s also a game of balancing. The better you balance your lipstick shade with your makeup, the better look you will get. If you want a beige look and a fair skin tone, you need to balance it with blush to distinguish your lips from the face. On the other hand, if you have medium olive skin and want a light look, it’s best to choose a shade that can blend with the eye makeup.


Wearing lipstick is not about choosing a shade that you like instead, it’s about blending the whole makeup so that you can have an accentuated look. The best way to pick the right shade for your skin tone is to start testing the shades on your skin. Swatch the shades on your hand to know which matches your complexion, and then make an informed decision.

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