Bulk paper straws for restaurants

Bulk paper straws for restaurants

Paper straws are a very widely used product, in many milk tea stores or restaurants, it has replaced the plastic straws to become the “main force” in the middle of the straws, but many friends for this product there are still certain questions, do not know how to buy or to use it, in fact, as long as we buy to the quality of In fact, as long as we buy quality products, and according to the correct method to use it, it will not cause any damage to our health. The advantages of paper straws are mainly reflected in what aspects? Let’s take a look!

Is paper straw safe?

The main safety risks of paper straws are, firstly, the possible migration of harmful substances into food during use, such as heavy metals in the ink, fluorescent whitening agents and formaldehyde brought in or unintentionally added during the production process; and secondly, the possible microbiological contamination of the product during the process of circulation.

Under normal circumstances, if the manufacturer uses production raw materials that meet the regulations, adds additives that meet the regulations, the production process is compliant, and the production of paper straw end products meet the national standards for food safety, and the circulation is free of pollution, then its products are generally relatively safe and consumers can buy with confidence.

When you need to OEM degradable cocktail paper straws or do bulk buy, how should I buy and use paper straws?

  1. Buy regular manufacturers of compliance products, pay attention to the label to see whether the logo or instructions are complete, the product name, materials, safety standards, the name of the manufacturer, address, contact information, production date and use date are complete.
  2. Preferably primary color products and products without irritating odor, to avoid the migration of heavy metals and harmful substances that may be generated by adhesive residues, colorants, inks, etc. to food.
  3. Try to choose independently sealed packaging products, in the process of transportation and circulation, to avoid microbial contamination caused by improper storage.
  4. Do not use paper straws to drink products that are too cold or too hot, and when using them, do not overheat them to avoid burns and accelerated paper melting.
  5. To avoid bad use habits, such as biting the straw, so as not to mix the paper scraps, paper scraps and food together.

What are the advantages of using paper straws?

  1. The environmental advantages of paper products is its recyclability: uncontaminated paper can be recycled. Pulp, made from waste paper, is an important raw material for the paper industry. But not all paper can be recycled. The quality of some paper products after recycling has failed to meet the standards of use.
  2. Compared to the traditional plastic straws, the internal plastic coated paper straws have been greatly reduced on the existing basis of plastic waste. And under the influence of environmentalism, all the daily necessities industry is exploring the path of reducing the use of plastic. The alternatives to plastic straws on the market today can be divided into three categories: paper straws, polylactic acid(PLA) straws, and other straws.

What is the best alternative to plastic straws? There is no single answer, but I think paper straws can be considered from an environmental point of view. Want to know more about paper straws, you may click here. https://www.theecoplus.com/bulk-paper-straws-for-restaurants.

Frequently asked questions:

01)    Is it possible to recycle paper straws?

It is unclear. Even though paper can be reused, paper straws are not always the case. To avoid them from collapsing, most of these straws are covered with plastic. Others can’t be compressed as they are too thick. In most situations, recycling companies will not take paper straws that have already been compromised with foodstuff. As a result, paper straws are only biodegradable if they are manufactured of thinner, clean paper and used only in water.

02)   Is it better to use paper or metal straws?

Metal straws are beneficial to the environment if you use the right quality of stainless steel. Since they need more materials to manufacture, they could be used for a long time. Stainless steel straws composed of food-grade material do not seep contaminants or other chemicals into your fluids. Paper straws cannot be used twice and often cannot be recycled in many cases.

03)   How long do paper straws last?

Paper straws have been seen to remain between 2 and 4 hours without softening and decomposing. This, however, is totally dependent on other circumstances such as the paper quality selected for manufacturing, whether it will be plastic wrapped, the warmth of the drink, and much more.

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