Camping & Biking: The Perfect Combination

If you are fed up with the resort package holiday and are yearning for a bit of adventure, a two-wheel camping holiday is for you! Enjoy an unprecedented level of freedom and independence as you tour beautiful areas of the UK, with your accommodation packed away in the panniers and your satnav taking you to an unspoilt little corner of the country. Indeed, many young (and not so young) couples do exactly this every single summer, visiting motor racing circuits and rock concerts and having the time of their lives, and who could blame them?

Go Green

We all need to reduce our carbon footprint in any way we can and there’s no better way to do that than investing in one of the stunning electric motorbikes at Wheels Motorcycles. There are charging stations everywhere in the United Kingdom; plug your bike in at the campsite and you’re ready for the next day’s riding. Think of the environment and stop using internal combustion driven vehicles and eventually, we can say goodbye to the fossil fuel era once and for all! There are many camping swag for sale that you can buy online.

Online Camping Stores

The great thing about online shopping is you get the best brands at the lowest prices; no one can match the e-store, as they have virtually no overheads. If you are single, invest in a decent 2-man tent (you might get lucky), while a family size unit still packs down small. Invest in a solar blanket and you have your own power source, ideal for remote camping, giving you all the power you need. A good sleeping bag is a wise investment, especially when it gets cold and there are lots of hi-tech gadgets and devices to make your camping experience more comfortable. Click here for more ways to make camping more comfortable.

Sourcing a Motorcycle

Ideally, you should be looking at a mid-range touring motorcycle, 300-500cc, or electric, which is designed for touring and you can acquire add-ons for extra storage. Locate a leading bike dealership online and check out their range of new and used motorcycles; book a test ride of your chosen machine and they have low-interest finance to spread the payment over a couple of years.


Of course, you need to have:

  • Valid driving licence for your bike
  • Insurance
  • MOT (If the bike is older than 3 years)
  • Road tax

If you fancy riding a real superbike, 1000cc and up, then you will need to obtain a Class A licence that allows you to ride any bike. That takes 2 years and involves theory and practical examinations to ensure you are able to handle the power of a big bike; in the meantime, you can ride a 500cc machine, which is ideal for touring.

Book a short course to learn the basics of motorcycle riding and that will teach you bike control on a range of surfaces, plus you need to gen-up on bike maintenance, an essential aspect of safe riding.

Camping on two wheels is an experience like no other and you’d struggle to find a cheaper holiday that gives so much for so little.

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