7 Ways to Make your Outdoor Camping more Comfortable

Camping is a lot of fun, but one thing is for sure – it’s not always the most comfortable thing to do. Sure, there are ways that you can make it more comfortable in a simple way, such as learning How to use a fire starter so you have fire to keep you warm at night. It still doesn’t erase the fact that tents aren’t the most comfortable ways in the world.

Thankfully though, new technology is emerging all the time that’s making outdoor camping significantly more comfortable. With a little bit of investing in the right things, you can feel like royalty on your next camping trip! With that in mind, here are 7 great ways to make your outdoor camping more comfortable.

1. Plan Ahead

The number one rule of having a comfortable camping experience is to plan ahead. Don’t just go on a camping trip on a whim – you’re more likely to forget something and make choices that will make you less comfortable when you’re on your trip. Instead, have a little bit of foresight. First of all, make sure that you choose a destination that will make you comfortable. Look for somewhere quiet with well maintained facilities and a climate you can handle. Make sure that you bring the right gear too. If you think ahead, you’re more likely to feel comfortable when you get to your destination.

2. Get the Right Gear

On the subject of gear, give it plenty of thought. If you have the right gear then you’ll be much more comfortable! Start by getting a comfortable tent with plenty of room for all the people who are staying in it. Don’t go too cheap on it, since you may end up disappointed. In addition to that, get a comfortable sleeping bag, mattress and some pillows!

3. Wear the Right Things

When you’re going camping, what you wear matters. Make sure that you are prepared for every eventuality with the weather. You don’t want to get caught in the rain wearing clothes that aren’t designed for that weather – you’ll feel uncomfortable. If it’s likely to be warm then have some warm weather clothes. The same goes for if the weather is likely to be cold. You should ensure that you have the right clothing for sleeping too, since that’ll make a huge difference through the night.

4. Bring Things to Lounge in

A camping trip is the perfect time to lounge around for a little while! As such, you’ll want to be sure that you have the perfect gear to lounge around in. A good choice is to buy a camping chair. With this, you can relax with a beer at the end of a long day. For more horizontal lounging, a hammock can be a good choice too.

5. Bring the Right Foods

What you eat will influence how you feel when you’re camping. As such, make sure that the food you bring is fit for the purpose. It’s usually best to bring lighter foods with you and try to eat earlier in the day if possible. Bring things that you like too – it’ll give you another thing to look forward to!

6. Keep Clean

Nobody feels comfortable when they’re unclean. As such, it’s a good idea to make sure that you feel as clean as a bar of soap when you’re on your trip. Keep yourself safe and clean by bringing the right items. Bring things with you like toiletries, a first aid kit, a clean towel and anything else that you need in order to look and feel your best. Trust us – you won’t regret it.

7. Get a Camping Stove

Who said that you can’t have hearty cooked meals away from home? With the right cooking equipment, you can make pretty much anything you want. Bring a cooler box with you and you can bring lots of meat with you to enjoy. You can then cook them using a camping stove. You don’t need anything fancy either – these things are rather efficient so you’ll get results even with a cheaper model. It’s a much easier way to cook than to rely on the open flame of your fire, which could in reality go out at any minute.


Those are all of our tips for making your camping experience more comfortable! If you are comfortable then you are more likely to enjoy yourself, so it’s certainly worth keeping these things in mind. Now you’re all ready for your trip!

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