Bed Bugs

Can humans eat Bed Bugs?

Bedbugs are the worst pest known to humankind, probably because it is really difficult to get rid of them. These bugs, usually quite round and reddish brown in nature, feed off of the blood of humans, and any animals that they can find. Fortunately enough, bed bugs aren’t poisonous, but they are known for spreading health, as well as economic issues.

Since bedbugs are quite fast breeders, an infestation can happen in your home in a matter of weeks. These bugs are quite pros at hiding in small and secluded places such as the cracks of a wall but are more commonly found in the crevices of a bed, underneath the mattress, or any other objects that surround the bed area.

Symptoms of having a bed bug infestation

Bedbugs carry along with them a few telltale signs that make it quite easy for individuals to decipher whether they are facing a bed bug infestation. The most common symptom of having a bed bug infestation in your household is if there are insect bites all over your body. These bites are usually quite small, extremely red, and very itchy. Of course, the reaction of these bites varies from person to person. Some people may not face any reaction from these bites whatsoever, whereas other people may develop allergies, infections, and even blisters and hives from bed bug bites.

Reasons for having a bed bug infestation

Most people may be under the impression that having a bed bug infestation is because their living area is “unclean” or “unsanitary”. But the truth is, bed bugs simply do not care about whether the environment is healthy and sanitary or not. As long as the place is warm, and there are hosts to feed on, a bed bug infestation will occur.

Usually, the reasons behind having a bed bug infestation is due to an increase in international travel, particularly to hotter and humid regions. Another reason could be due to the fact that the bedbugs in your area are quite strong and diligent enough to resist insecticides.

What happens if you accidentally swallow a bedbug?

A very common fear that most people have when facing a bed bug infestation is if they accidentally swallow these bugs during their sleep. According to doctors, one shouldn’t worry too much if they do end up accidentally swallowing a bedbug. Since bed bugs aren’t poisonous, and their bodies do not carry any allergens, it is highly unlikely that one will face extreme health issues from swallowing one. Infact, your body will simply digest the bug as if it was some type of food. Usually, accidentally swallowing a bug here or there will not cause problems for most individuals.

However, if you are someone who has a medical history or record of allergic reactions, asthma, or if you are someone who faces digestive problems, it’s recommended that you pay a visit to the doctor if you do end up accidentally swallowing a bed bug.

Can humans eat bed bugs?

When crushed, bed bugs emit an odour that most people find foul, quite similar to the smell of coriander. This smell comes from a result of pheromones that are present in bed bugs as a way of attracting mates, building up nesting locations, reproducing, and feeding their offspring’s. This is quite similar to the natural scent that humans have, as well as the artificial fragrances that may use.

Bedbugs themselves are not commonly consumed by human beings, but bugs that have a smell similar to bedbugs are used in food in terms of fragrance and flavor in multiple countries, more specifically Asian countries.

  • Vietnam

The ca cuong insect is quite popular in Vietnam, and its essence is harvested for usage. The insect itself is quite scarce, making it’s essence rare and precious. The bug itself is consumed by Vietnamese locals with rice noodle rolls that are dipped in nuoc cham, a special type of dipping sauce. The ca cuong insect is also eaten in the form of a soup, where its essence is used to make the broth extra tasty. The dish, bun thang, contains an assortment of rice noodles, pork meat, egg crepes, and either chicken or squid broth.

  • Thailand

Inhabitants in the northeast region of Thailand are commonly known for eating insects. They have different ways of consuming these bugs, which can either be eaten fried, or in the form of an extract. These bugs, known as malaeng da, are also used to generate a type of chili sauce that can be used with various dishes.

  • Philippines

Then northern regions of the Philippines are known for consuming insects like beetles and crickets. The most popular bug amongst these regions is the water bug, which is either fried or sauteed in vegetables and then eaten with either rice, or served as an appetizer.

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